The number of victims in the U.S. snowfall approaching thirty

The number of victims of snowfall, the last weekend in the eastern and north-eastern states of the U.S., has reached 27 people, more than one million households and businesses are still without power, according to the Associated Press.

Almost all the victims — 26 people — were U.S. citizens, one man — a Canadian citizen.

Most of the snow storm hit Connecticut — there killed at least six people. After a few days after the snow without electricity in Connecticut are about half a million customers.

Among the residents of the state is growing discontent — activists agitating people not to pay their electricity bills to protest shortages of electricity by Connecticut Light & Power (CL & P).

They (CL & P) has finally hear if everyone will say, "Hey, pay our bill the next is on you, because you are not doing what they should — says activist Lachelier Ada (Ada Lachelier).

CL & P President Jeff Butler (Jeff Butler) said that the company understands the grievances and that by Sunday — a week after a snow storm — 99% of its effects will be eliminated.

Police in New Hampshire, where no light are still about 72 thousand households, appealed to local residents warning of frequent thefts. Thieves take away the yards generators which supply electricity, while the network companies liquidated damages.

Dozens of schools in New Jersey remained closed, about 167,000 households do not have electricity. State authorities reported two dead.

In New York, where the previously reported 300,000 deenergised houses, resulting in restoration work without electricity is about 65 million homes.

Slightly smaller than New York City — about 45,000 electricity customers — remain without electricity in Pennsylvania. According to data from the state, there were at least eight deaths caused by the snow.

Almost all of the damage to the power eliminated in Maryland. The number of de-energized homes in Massachusetts fell by more than tripled — from 670,000 to 200,000 homes. Massachusetts authorities say the three victims.

Record early snow fell in the United States on Sunday, October 30. He broke the transport, and forced some schools to cancel classes and made the most careful parents not to let young children in the traditional gathering of sweets to the neighbors on the occasion of Halloween.


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