The number of victims of the earthquake in Turkey exceeded 120

The number of victims of the 5.7 magnitude earthquake that occurred on Thursday night in western Turkey, to over 120, four died, and all of them are local citizens, according to Turkish media reported on Friday, citing sources in hospitals, the police and the Department of Emergency .

Previously reported 80 casualties.

Quake was registered at 23.15 local time (00.15 MSK), its epicenter was in the county in the province of Kutahya Simav. Originally Seismological Observatory of Bosphorus University reported that the magnitude of the earthquake was 5.9, but later the Department of Emergency Turkey said it was 5.7.

Quake was felt in many parts of western and central Turkey, including Istanbul. After the first earthquake in Kutahya by 6 am local time, there were more than 50 aftershocks of magnitude less, including 4.6, reported on its website seysmoobservatoriya Bosphorus University.

Eyewitnesses earthquake in Kutahya reported that it was so strong that houses bursting glass in the first few seconds, people could not move, transfer channels CNN-Turk and NTV. The area is at the epicenter of the earthquake, according to media reports, four people were killed.

Information officials until contradictory. Thus, the Governor of the Province Kütahya reported that the earthquake killed three people, and the Minister for the Environment, said that the victims of the disaster became two.

In seysmoobservatorii Bosphorus University said that the number of victims of the earthquake could rise to ten.

"We have prepared a virtual map of the damage and loss, and we estimate that the death toll could be ten people," — said in an interview to CNN-Turk deputy director of the observatory Meral Ozel.

Turkish news channels live report on the earthquake in Kutahya. During a news broadcast at 11:00 local time (12:00 MSK), there was a new quake, which caused panic among the residents of the county Sim. Its magnitude was 3.9, the Turkish seismologists.

Seismologists do not predict new strong aftershocks in Kutahya, at the same time, they do not rule out that earthquakes of magnitude 4-4.5 some time will continue.

Turkey earthquake occur frequently, because a large part of its territory located in earthquake-prone areas. The largest earthquake of magnitude 7.4 occurred in the country in August and November 1999 and claimed more than 18,000 lives.

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