The number of victims of Typhoon Nanmadol in the Philippines is close to the 30

JAKARTA, September 1. The number of victims of Typhoon Nanmadol, which struck late last week in the Philippines has risen to 29, according to GMA News. Previously reported on the death of 22 people.

Note, according to Benito Ramos, head of department, reports China Radio International, according to incomplete statistics, the damage to agriculture and road infrastructure of the country, 1 billion Philippine pesos (about $ 23.5 million). Greatest destruction recorded in the districts of Cagayan, Luzon and the Cordillera. In particular, there has not yet been restored electricity supply.

As a result of the typhoon had destroyed more than 800 homes and more than 230 thousand people lost their homes and are now forced to stay in the shelters, equipped by the government. "Nanmadol" has already left the Philippines, but in many provinces in Luzon expected it caused heavy rains.

Meanwhile, as reported by "Rosbalt", the typhoon is coming to Taiwan. From dangerous areas already evacuated about 8 thousand people. Because of the approaching typhoon closed schools, government agencies do not work, canceled several domestic flights.
Typhoon accompanied by heavy rain and wind speed 108 km / h It is expected that the storm will pass within 200 km south of Taipei, Taiwan, and then go to the east coast of China.

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