The opposition says it is ready for any election date

Society Given that the next meeting of the special session will be held on September 14, probable time, which can be assigned to the elections, is the period from 19 December 2010 to 6 February 2011. What date is considered more convenient for themselves potential presidential candidates from the opposition?

One of the leaders of the Belarusian Popular Front Kastusyou Gregory says he is ready to ensure that elections will be appointed today, and that he had already prepared a list of the initiative group to nominate a presidential candidate. Mr. Kastusyou convinced that the opposition are more convenient choices in the warmer time of the year:

Gregory Kastusyou

"Because of these elections will not, and the voice will still considers Yarmoshina, we will prepare a protest against electoral fraud and irregularities. Therefore, based on the experience of previous election campaigns is desirable to be warmer in the street."

Kastusyou convinced that Lukashenko is also thinking about it and preparing to set a date for a vote on the coldest period, possibly in February.

The potential presidential candidate in the UCP Yaroslav Romanchuk believes that Lukashenko when the date of the election tends to show that everyone in the country is stable and there is no need to rush elections. On the other hand, remains a threat to the deterioration of relations with Russia and the deepening economic crisis after the new year. So Mr. Romanchuk believes that a compromise will be found some time, and the election to appoint the second half of January. For myself, Yaroslav Romanchuk best option election date is the end of January and beginning of February, to have more time for the information campaign:

Yaroslav Romanchuk

"We are ready for any scenario, or will it be in January or December. Not ready, maybe only the authorities do not know what program to go to the polls. Because they are nervous, thinking, perhaps, consult a fortune teller with what- then … "

Potential candidates from the BCD Vitaly Rymashevski says the extra time to prepare for the elections will not prevent the opposition, and the least convenient time to collect signatures and campaigning for opposition candidates he named New Year and Christmas holidays:

Vitaly Rymashevski

"Speed up the calling of elections could only one thing — the poor financial situation of the country. And it is clear that Lukashenko now ponders which way is better to choose."

All potential candidates acknowledge that remains an urgent problem of the unity of the opposition forces during the election campaign. Yaroslav Romanchuk believes that a serious discussion about a single candidate would be limited after, how each candidate will be collected on 100,000 signatures in their support.

Gregory Kastusyou noted that potential candidates and now continue consultations have signed an agreement on joint actions during the formation of election commissions, election day and the organization of mass events.

"These consultations which are now between us, their fruit will. Narrowing of applicants is happening and it will continue. And at the stage of registration of initiative groups, and at the stage of collecting signatures this circle shrinks to a minimum. "

Rather, the opposition will be two candidates who will represent the pro-European and pro Vectors, believes Mr Kastusyou.

Vitaly Rymashevski advised to discontinue talks about a single candidate, since it is obvious that it will not be until the beginning of the campaign. Mr. Rymashevski called the most dangerous current divisions within the opposition:

"Mutual accusations have crossed the border. Both inside Belarus and her. Uses defamation, dirty methods to split even more, down to the rank and file activists, the Belarusian democratic forces. This really is strategically dangerous and harmful — the endless search for enemies within the opposition , fighting among themselves and ekspleatatsyya for this praevrapeyskastsi or pro-Russian slogans. "



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