The Orthodox say about the new miracle




Miraculous events in the Orthodox churches — a manifestation of God's will, to comprehend that we are not given, — commented on the information about the next miracle that occurred in the Peter-Paul church in Talitsy, executive director of the Tyumen regional public movement "Siberia orthodox" Vyacheslav Tahirov.

Recall, according to the IG "Vsluh.Ru", on the eve of the 200th anniversary of Peter and Paul church of the city, which will be celebrated in July, on the glass, inserted into the reliquaries of nine icons samoproyavilis their image.

The first miracle has identified an icon of the Mother of God "Joy of All Who Sorrow", and then another eight faces of saints on either side of the King's Gate. These glasses will affect them with images of saints icons will be donated to the neighboring parishes, respectively, the "name" of churches.

Meanwhile, said Vyacheslav NewsProm.Ru Tahirov such miraculous events in the Orthodox world are frequent. In the Tyumen region last time this was a sign of the Ishim Church of the Intercession of the Mother of God in the past year.

"What does that mean and how to treat this, I do not know the first time — told then rector of the church of the Protection of the Mother of God Fr Peter Lysenko in an interview parliamentary newspaper" Tyumen news ". — Yes, the miraculous image of the icon on the glass, yes, an unusual phenomenon. A miracle, no one disputes. We tried to check out what is the same image, they saw that this substance like wax and oil. But how did it arise, it is not clear to anyone. The distance between the glass and the icon — about five centimeters. The paint could radiate and transmit the image. Could move it on the glass and exposed to heat, light. The temple is not so bright, too little heat. Besides radiators are located far from the icon. There are no words to somehow explain this miracle. "

Now the icon of every day, we get dozens of pilgrims, some of them — to look at this miracle, the other — to attach to it.

According to Vyacheslav Tagirova yet none of the scientists could not somehow convincingly explain the nature of such phenomena as mirotochenie icons, faces of the self-manifestation of Christ and the saints, the phenomenon of the Holy Fire, and many other miracles that take place in the Orthodox world. According to the head of "Siberia Orthodox" to discuss such things should be treated with caution.

"On Miracles do not need to shout and raise about some noise in the press. In fact, a significant phenomenon occur to people every day. They just do not notice it, "- said Vyacheslav Tahirov.


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