The Philippine lake killed 800 tons of fish. Photo. Video


30.05.11.V lake near Taal volcano south of Manila, Philippines experienced massive fish kills, according to Forbes. It began on Thursday in a village Sampalok (province Batang). According to preliminary information, the cause of death of 800 tons hanosa was a sudden drop in water temperature.

Local authorities have banned the sale of perishable fish pass ABC News. As a result of the incident surface of the lake is literally turned white — because of the color hanosa. Workers were caught dead fish, cover noses hands and clothing, as the smell is unbearable.

Earlier, said, "The Eye of the planet", the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology issued a warning about the possible start of the eruption. Fish kill has not yet been associated with the activity of the volcano. Add that local people grow in the lake not only hanos but tilapia — the main food for many Filipinos.

According to volcanologist Allan Loza, the last day recorded 115 aftershocks, and in recent weeks, daily "rule" was only 10-15. According to Vine, is a sign of what is inside a small Taala rising magma. Volcanologist noted that this is happening in April, long before the massive plague fish.

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