The Philippines and the United States are struggling with the consequences of floods

In the north-eastern regions of the Philippines hit a powerful tropical storm. Heavy rains accompanied by gale-force winds of up to 90 kilometers per hour. In just a few hours under water were dozens of settlements. Killed at least nine people. Thousands of residents were evacuated because of the threat of landslides.

Struggling with the consequences of floods in the United States. The most difficult situation — in Tennessee. A few days there were heavy rains. The water level in the Mississippi River has reached a critical point, at risk of flooding — thousands of homes. Local authorities advised residents to move to a safer place, TV channel "Russia-24".

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Due to flooding on the Mississippi evacuate people and animals

Tennessee authorities announced on Sunday for additional evacuation of low-lying areas of Memphis and the surrounding area due to the ongoing floods in the Mississippi River.

To date, the region evacuated residents of about 3 million homes. Now there will be taken to a special shelter residents are, at least 200 houses.

According to rescuers, to evacuate to shelters have not only people but also animals. Under the rules, the temporary shelter, people can not take their pets. Therefore, they are passed in a special shelter. There are already 131 dogs, 8 cats, 2 birds and 1 guinea pig.

According to scientists, the current flooding in the largest U.S. river threatens to become the biggest flood since 1937, which has given way to force only similar disaster in 1927. In 1937, the Mississippi River rose to 14.8 meters. Currently, the flood is fixed at 14.6 meters, but the water keeps coming. As stated by the rescue services in the U.S., flooding also threatens territories downstream Mississippi. There, in the coming days from dangerous areas can be evacuated from 3 to 5 thousand.

Last Friday by representatives of the U.S. Coast Guard banned commercial shipping in parts of the river, where the most challenging environments, according to ITAR-TASS. Such a decision due to the need of the Corps troops quickly deliver the necessary materials to strengthen the network of dams, as well as to ensure the free passage of the U.S. Coast Guard ships through the locks, which usually accumulates all of plying the river cargo ships. Ordinance prohibiting commercial shipping is effective for at least until May 13. Meanwhile, state governments, which runs Mississippi claim that abolition shipping inevitably have a negative impact not only on the economy of the region. "If you close the Mississippi River, it will affect the economy of the whole country," — said the mayor of Memphis Hey C Wharton.

The worst flooding on the Mississippi River was recorded in 1927, when as a result of the flood killed more than one thousand people and more than 600,000 homeless. Then the river overflowed by 128 kilometers.

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