The Philippines fell supertyphoon Megi. Photographic

Passage of the typhoon "Megi" the fifth, the highest category in the Philippines began on Monday. Typhoon struck the north of the country, where the most important from the point of view of agricultural areas. In the resurrection of residents 19 provinces were evacuated because of the risk of landslides. According to experts, the speed of wind gusts in the range of the "Mega" at times exceeded 225 kilometers per hour. Victims of typhoon "Megi" the Philippines became seven.

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1. The northern Philippines on Monday morning, October 18, a powerful typhoon hit "Mega" with heavy rains and wind speeds up to 280 km / h In the photo: the impoverished area, located under a bridge in the Philippine capital, rushing for 18 October.

2. Father with his daughters at home, which is located under the bridge in Manila.

3. Typhoon Megi shot from space of 2.30 (Coordinated Universal Time) on October 18.

4. Passage of typhoon "Megi" the fifth, the highest category (on its own Philippine system — "Juan") in the Philippines began with landslides in mountainous areas and huge waves on the coast of north-east. In the photo: Heavy rain in the north of the Philippine capital on October 18.

5. Wheelchair rides in the rain caused by typhoon, among cars in Bagyo Province of Benguet.

6. Even on the eve of the hurricane, thousands of people fled their homes, closed schools, banned navigation, people stocked up with food and medicines. In the photo: roof of the house, torn Typhoon Megi, hanging on the tree.

7. Typhoon passed through the most agriculturally developed region of the country. Destroyed rice fields and forest.

8. Every year during the rainy season from June to December, the second-largest Philippine archipelago falls about 20 storms and typhoons.

9. Passerby jumps over a huge puddle on a flooded street in Manila. It was expected that Mega almost not affect the country's capital, however, part of Manila still flooded.

10. A woman walks along the road in Manila, littered break trees. By the time the typhoon in the capital were prepared in advance — in the 12-million city dismantled billboards and banners.

11. Top view of the flooded homes in Bagyo, which is located in the province of Benguet.

12. Megi — the tenth this year, and the most powerful hit the Philippines in four years typhoon.

13. Fallen pillars of power lines in San Jose in the Philippines. Interrupted power supply in the country, the airline canceled some flights.

14. In September and October last year, tropical storm "Ketsana" and typhoon "Parma" swept through Manila, leading to the deaths of more than 1,100 people and flooded 80% of the metropolis.

15. Local residents in Medzhiin Ilagan (Megiin Ilagan), Province of Isabela, look at the destroyed buildings.

16. Destroyed and flooded the school building in San Jose in the Philippines.

17. Brought "Mega" torrential rains caused landslides and flooding in some areas, evacuated more than four thousand people.

18. Police help to remove a tree collapsed on a house in San Jose.

19. Children play near the debris and fallen trees after the passage of Typhoon Megi.

20. The entire province of Isabela declared a disaster, 90% of the neighboring province of Cagayan and the Philippine Cordilleras in general have lost their connection.

21. Four important road in the north of Luzon destroyed by the landslide, in many mountain areas disrupted power supplies.

22. Apparently, as it reconnects to the number of known victims of the typhoon will grow.

23. Roof collapsed at a gas station on the main highway in the province of Isabela, north of Manila.

24. Rescuers and military in preparation for the rescue operation in Manila Camp Aguinaldo on October 17, during the approach of Typhoon Megi to the Philippine capital.

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