The planet is warming, and winters colder in Europe

"So what that the Arctic ice is melting? We do not live in the Arctic, "- so says the majority of the European population. Belief in global warming, the Europeans diminished after abnormally cold winters.

Convince people took Professor of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell University, Charles Green and Senior Fellow Bruce Monger. According to scientists, the man in the street can hardly imagine how are certain processes in the atmosphere and oceans. In a scientific paper published in the Journal of Oceanography and colleagues argue that global warming and the melting of Arctic sea ice is directly related to weather in Europe, and are the cause of the anomalous winter cold.

Dr. Green offers not think about the distance from the Arctic city of Europe and not wonder how global warming could lead to anomalous cold, but just to understand the relationship of events. Scientist to establish clear layman logical series: planet's temperature rises, so the ice melts in the Arctic, thus exposing the water surface, thus increasing the absorption of solar radiation, thus is excessive heating of the ocean, so excess heat is transferred to the atmosphere, thus decreasing the temperature difference between the Arctic region, and moderate latitudes, therefore, changes the pressure difference …

That's right, step by step, the scientist explains why the planet is warming, and in Europe colder. "Everyone thinks the problem of climate change in the Arctic does not concern them, because of its extreme remoteness. I tried to explain that the Arctic climate affects our daily life much harder than it seems to most people, "- said Dr. Green.


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