The plant has poisoned the water in the river in Siberia chemicals. Video


4.07.11.Iz, the large release of chemicals in the river at the Tomsk her water color in bright blue tsvet.V the midst of the swimming season Tomsk residents were left only in the river. In pond Ushayku of sewer pipe leaked several hundred liters of blue paint.

— We swam with friends and suddenly saw us moving on blue spot — told Life News witness Ivan buffoons. — We immediately went to the bank and noticed that the paint was poured through a sewer pipe that runs along the outside of Stepan Razina.Po to Ivan, poisonous liquid was poured and the river for more than three hours. In addition to brightly colored liquid had a very sharp odor.

— We were made aware of the incident, we have not figured out the exact causes and perpetrators of the incident — said the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Tomsk region. — Most likely, one of the production companies could be poured into the sewer pipe its waste. But, whatever it was, the nature of the damage may be caused catastrophic.

Experts could not answer exactly how many fish have died as a result of leakage, but we already know that the entire contaminated area fowl almost gone.

— The river is regularly cleaned, Ushayka became much cleaner and safer in the last year, so the perpetrators will suffer severe punishment — added in the department.

While no warnings prohibiting swimming in Ushayke been reported. Notification will be engaged employees Rospotrebnadzor.

Nikita Mogutin

Source: Life News Online, TB2-Tomsk

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"Much to ask to find out what was happening, and take control!"

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