The possibility of time travel

Earlier in the scientific and popular articles about traveling to different time intervals necessarily mentioned book by HG Wells, today improbable assumptions about the walk into the future or past based on the well-known even to people who do not have to do with physics, the theory of relativity, Einstein created a great physicist.

According to this theory in the strong gravity time slows down. For example, living on the lower floors of the building will allow the person to grow old, to a lesser degree and longer watch movies over a 3d televisions than people who have settled on the upper floors of high-rise buildings, there is a time in different locations due to its location is flowing at different speeds.

It turns out that a person has the opportunity to visit various layers of time in just a few minutes. If a person had the opportunity on Wednesday to be in close proximity to possessing tremendous force of gravity of the black hole, in the same time on the planet has already come to Saturday.

Instantly moved to the earth, man would have been on his planet, too, on Wednesday, but he already knew to future events that will occur over the next few days.

Quantum physicists are exploring the tunnels, making it possible to move, regardless of the distance to any point of the universe, and in any part of the timeline. These tunnels are called "wormholes" — a space-time transitions, which permeated all of our space. Tiny particles of neutrinos constantly fall into the "wormholes" and physics on the basis of this fact begun experiments that will help them to discover the secrets of teleportation.

Professor Seth Lloyd and Ephraim Steinberg held a number of studies that have demonstrated the possibility of photons travel at different time intervals. The photons in the experiments the scientists came back in a certain time interval. Prove intertemporal movement of professors have been achieved through changes in the polarization of photons.

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