The prediction of a century ago caused panic in Rome

Rafael Bendandi — predictor of earthquakes

In Rome, the panic — today there is "assigned" a devastating earthquake, which completely destroyed the city. This topic has been much discussion of a few days in the social networks. Earthquake, in question, predicted one Rafael Bendandi (1893-1979), a self-taught scientist who expected date of earthquakes based on the motion of the Moon and the Sun. Although his theory, "seysmogenika", according to experts, was complete nonsense, he was able, however, successfully predicted with the help of some very serious earthquakes. He calculated the earthquake January 13, 1915 in Avezzano, which claimed 30,000 lives, the earthquake May 6, 1976 that killed one thousand people and left 30,000 homeless. He also has a 1923 warning about an earthquake in Rome, which was going to happen, according to his calculations January 2, 1924-year. Bendandi wrong here — it came too late for two days, what happened on January 4. After that Rafael Bendandi with the filing of the newspaper Corriere della Sera became known not only as "the man who accurately predicted the earthquake."

In 1915 Bendandi reported the first major earthquake would destroy Rome May 11, 2011-year.

Seismic Service of the country to completely deny the possibility of an earthquake in Rome that day. At the National Geophysical and Volcanological Institute Alessandro Amato (Alessandro Amato) said that their phone calls were heated from. "Hundreds of people call us, and we explain to everyone that there is no sign of the coming earthquake. Today, according to our data, in Italy happen about thirty small shocks, it is the usual norm."

However the Romans took seriously the conduct of the imminent death of the Eternal City. Yesterday, many of them began to leave the Italian capital. In business circles report that every fifth employee asked to go for the day to work. Parents do not let their kids to school and prefer to stay somewhere on the coast today. Even skeptics, there are people, adequately assess the reliability of such forecasts, uncomfortable and prefer to spend the night, past and future, not the roof, and in the cabin of your own car.


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