The project is NASA «Blue Beam» as a fundamental part of the plan to capture the planet

Blue Beam project is designed to control the consciousness of the masses on a global scale. His appointment may be locally — to create riots in certain regions, the impact on the enemy, in order to cause them uncontrollable panic, or vice versa — cause people to massively gathered on some occasion in one place, a sense of joy, bordering on euphoria. There is reason to believe that the Blue Beam was involved in the Washington, DC, during the inauguration of Barack Obama as the present where people talked about the unprecedented euphoria that swept all participants, including those who, because of their political beliefs could not enjoy coming Obama in the White House. Globally, the connection possibilities of HAARP can be used for planetary cataclysms hoax, "the invasion of aliens," Modeling the Messiah, whom the new world order will push into the world's rulers.

"We have a world government. Whether you like it or not. The only question is whether such a government is established by conquest or consent "- Paul Warburg, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), made the remarks in the U.S. Senate in February 1950.

"We are at the dawn of global change. We need a well-run major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order, "- said in September 1994 David Rockeffeler, President Emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), honorary chairman of the Trilateral Commission, Bilderberger.

Serge convent

In 1994, independent journalist Serge convent (Serge Monast) presented in Quebec Centre Free Press, the report, which he called Project NASA's Blue Beam. In this report, Serge reported existence of a conspiracy backed by the NASA and the U.S. government as a whole. The purpose of which — to deceive the public into believing the heavenly signs and the "miracles" as evidence that undermines their own religious beliefs, or lack thereof, in order to be able to impose the New Age religion. The one that will be necessary in order to be able to proclaim the Messiah and the new world order. Soon after, Serge, another journalist, who helped him in his work on the report, and their families began to receive threats, and were persecuted by the state. And quickly died under rather strange circumstances. Convent claimed that the ultimate objective of the "Blue Beam" — a giant planet hoax organization that will simulate a holographic projection of the coming of Jesus and the low-frequency waves used for mind control. All this is part of a plan to build a new satanic religion New Age New World. Convent claimed to have irrefutable proof of their allegations. As well as the documents that he was given the persons who participated in developing the project. Convent died under suspicious circumstances. Already in 1994, he said in an interview that he had repeatedly threatened the Prime Minister of Canada and the Vatican. When Serge, who had never suffered from heart problems, he returned home, he had a heart attack from which he died. Soon killed another journalist who helped Serge. During the investigation it was found that the journalist was also killed after a heart attack.

How Blue Beam affects the brain. The scheme was developed in the 70's!.

In its exposure draft «Blue Beam» Serge convent used original documents, which is indirectly confirmed by the random infarcts journalists involved investigations in this area. In 1994, the convent Serge wrote:

«International Free Press Network is not a religious group or political organization. It is an independent agency responsible for the investigation. We specialize in investigating and publishing special reports and audio tapes, revealing plans to implement the new world order. Our goal is to help people realize that the coming New World Order is not a dream or a paranoid assumption. This satanic project that really exists. What is its purpose? Destroy traditional religion, especially Christianity, and replace them with a religion of peace, based on the worship of man. To cancel the one institution of the family as we know it today, and replace it with civil unions, around the world who are working for the benefit of a world government. Destroy any form of artistic or scientific work, to exercise one vision, one world government. "

The project involves the creation of a single world state ruled by a military force for global justice, a commercial law that can force people to live in peace, and lie to impose a new religion and a new world culture.

The first step in this project is aimed at discrediting or re-evaluation of all religious knowledge, have ever existed. By creating artificial earthquakes in specific places on the planet where, supposedly, mask important cultural and religious information, they seek to eliminate such archaeological discoveries that prove the greatness of past civilizations and equate to lie all the information about it. Falsification of data will be used to account for all the nations that their religious doctrines have been misinterpreted. Psychological training began with the release of a video rental "2001: A Space Odyssey" ("2001: A Space Odissey") and television series Star Trek «Independence Day» (Independence Day), in which all the people together in order to confront the aliens. This global project of fooling inhabitants of the land involved is not only scientists and policy. The composition of the elite of world government and the directors are able to migrate into the sky right image makes a person believe what is happening. Also in the world government includes some religious leaders, who have long been developing the concept of a single world religion.

Of course, you can relate to what is written above as a curiosity, not available to you and your life nothing, and that to stop reading this article. Your right. Meanwhile, the most influential representatives of the world's elite, such as Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger and David Rockefeller do not. The same Brzezinski, long before the convent, predicted the gradual appearance of a more controlled and managed company with new technology. This society will be crushed by elite groups that will make an impression on voters by allegedly superior scientific know-how. Site folksland. net quoted Brzezinski in his book, written 30 years ago as a professor at Columbia University:

Without hindrance … as because of resistance to traditional liberal values of the elites will not fluctuate in strengthening their political positions, using the latest advanced technology for influencing public behavior and keeping society under the control and supervision. Technical and scientific momentum can then be supported by a situation which it operates. […] It is possible to imagine the development of electromagnetic energy sources, which are beyond the scope of what can be formed, out of focus, to which can be measured by the rhythm, which can be connected with the human body in a way that will prevent conscious muscular movements, control emotions (and thus actions), induce sleep, transmit instructions to intervene both in long-and short-term memory, add or delete experience. It is also possible to awaken the oratory skill of the human body, is it possible hidden control and psychological impact. Thus, it is possible to talk to selected shapes in a manner that will be most persuasive to them … "

Below is a summary of the report on the project BLUE BEAM, written by an independent Canadian journalist Serge convent (Serge Monast) shortly before his mysterious death. Since the publication of the text past 16 years, but all that is in 1994, when the report was written, came to fiction these days is becoming more real:

"Strategy sinister project Blue Beam, developed by NASA is a 4-step plan to establish a single planetary religion of the New World Order. With the Messiah-the Antichrist in its head. This formulation can cause many a smile of disbelief. However, we have well-defined research plan. Using the most advanced technologies that have been developed specifically for this purpose under strict secrecy, the religion of the new global era will be the foundation of a new world order, without which the world would be ineffective dictatorship. Theocracy, which is the most effective form of dictatorship, in turn, needs a single religion, and the central figure of a religion — a kind of universal savior, who will have to enforce the religion. It is easy to understand that without a universal system of beliefs in religion, "New Age, the success of the New World Order is impossible. Therefore, Project Blue Beam, which is so important for teachers of the game, so carefully hidden from prying eyes. However, astute people might know that all ecumenical approach of world religions, as well as all the traffic directed to the internationalization of popular culture smack of gray. "

The first step:

Aims, to disavow all previous archaeological data, religious and scientific and historical concept. New discoveries need to show people the fundamental fallacy of all past doctrines. This fundamental falsification aims to convince the people that their religious beliefs are perverted over the centuries. This phase of the psychological training to undermine the foundations of traditional religions. Many conspiracy theorists also lead efforts to undermine, the traditional religion, thereby intentionally or not pave the way for a new mystical and scientific religion, which will include and cover all the world's faiths, including atheism in a single, powerful globalist movement of human thought. The purpose of this get the maximum number of suggestible people to lose his footing, removing them all the landmarks in the end, inviting them to one religion, which is comfort, soften and soothe everyone. This will be the kind of religions, which absorbs all of the scientific and philosophical paradigm, in which everyone can find something for themselves. This is the equivalent of the idea of science, in the sense that this word is invested in the ancient Greeks, except for the fact that this science will not be a true cultural context, and created artificially implanted or implanted by force, after a deep psychological destabilization of the world population .

Second step:

Is the use of a giant stage space, using three-dimensional optical holograms and sounds, laser projection of holographic images in different places of the earth. Everyone will get a picture to match the dominant beliefs in this country. The new voice of God speaking in all languages, each clearly be heard in his own language.

Show in the atmosphere, in which the giant hologram in the sky will be used to simulate the doomsday. People will witness scenes representing the prophecies and events that every believer can be easily identified. These images will be projected from satellites within a few hundred kilometers above the earth. We often see the test, but we are told that it is a UFO or flying saucer (the pyramid). The purpose of these theatrical performances to present the new humanity of Christ, the new Messiah, Buddhist Maitreya, in the same person for the approval of a single world religion. This representation will be perceived authentic, plunging everyone into deception. Most people, even the most sober-minded will be deceived. Blue Beam project carries a sophisticated ruse, which is designed to ensure that a significant number of people plunge into a state of ecstatic rapture, which plunge them into a state alternate reality. Project Blue Beam, the coming of the Messiah, claims that all the ancient prophecies, on to become the most important event in the history of the past 2000 years. And all this will take place on the background of sky tube, simultaneously transmitting messages of love for all earthly languages. It is a strategy of seduction and false religion worldwide, staged director of the New World Order. Computers to manage, as well as all necessary software (ready now), has launched an amazing celestial spectacle. (Written in 1994!) Holographic images are based on the signals that are set out to create visual images accompanied by invisible low-frequency and high-frequency signals.

Seen by some almost a "sign" of the famous spiral in Norway was the result of the Blue Beam

In particular, the show will be to project holographic images in different parts of the world, each of which must relate to their main religion. When the images of Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, Krishna, etc., will merge into one piece, and we will explain the mysteries of religious revelation, and the discovery of new truths. In fact, this unique divine — will be a man, not a god. The very man whom the Bible calls the Antichrist. Telling us that the many scriptures have been misinterpreted, that the old religion of people pushed each other. So all the old religions must be abolished and a new era of religion (NEW AGE) with the new world order, one God-man Antichrist, will be shocked to the eyes of people in the sky. This great hoax leads to social, political, cultural and religious unrest.

The third part of the project.

The third phase of the project is in telepathic effects when high-and low-frequency waves can reach every person directly inside his mind. Such radiation released from satellites and ground installations of HAARP can generate what is called a fuzzy artificial thought forms (diffuse artificial thought). Experiments in this direction were made in several countries. In some cases, the low-frequency pulse can produce auditory signals to individuals that are not even close to worth hearing people.

The fourth part.

The fourth step plan involves supernatural events caused by electronic means. This phase consists of three different baits. The first would be to convince mankind that the alien invasion happens in every major city of the world. The aim of this provocation will cause nations to use nuclear weapons to cause "retaliatory" strikes on aliens. When it turns out that the threat was a hoax, the UN will order all to disarm. Second — make Christians believe in the fact that Christian miraculous event occurs in the form of an alien grace. The purpose of this maneuver is to bring together all opponents of the world order just before the celestial event. Will simulate "Resurrection" and a meeting with "God," when "God" arrives on Earth to save her people from the evil demon. This "God" would have to eliminate all opposition to the New World Order in one sitting. Third — will be forced to use all means of communication, in order to destabilize the mental people with individual and collective hallucination. After a night of a thousand stars, the inhabitants of the Earth will be ready to accept the new messiah (Antichrist), who will restore peace and order on the ground at all costs, including the denial of freedom. "Higher power" in the form of spirits and ghosts come to every home via cable, electronic and predetermined chips. These "spirits" should be finally put down the will of the population to resist and put people on their knees, plunging them into the abyss of murders, suicides and permanent mental disorders. Incidentally, according to the U.S. has been a popular channels broadcast documentaries that show the "eyewitness" of ghosts and spirits in all seriousness. Control everything in the hands of the chief priests and technocrats who will be ruthlessly rule the world in the name of "God." The aim of this dictatorship — control over all people, and the resources of the earth.

Many people ask when it will happen, as the night vision thousand stars materialize and what will be signs warning of the events? We can only speculate. However, indirect evidence today in front of everybody. This increasingly strict administrative, fiscal, social, medical, psychiatric and police control of people under the guise of restoring order required. Seriously, methods for control of the Internet and information technology and banking for a long time under the full control of the security services around the world who are actively cooperating. Global rulers claim that paradise on earth will come when everyone will have a pre-determined function, whether he likes it or not. Blue Beam project will be launched to create a so-called UNIFYING EVENT — the event, which will have to unite the world. Of course, we can not accurately predict the details of how it will look, but judging from the circumstantial evidence, based on the level of pumping several topics, one can assume that the play will be used following the characters, the actors and the characters, possibly together, or maybe separately:

Planet X or Nibiru
supernova explosion
"Invasion of aliens'
phenomenon of "Christ"
phenomenon of "Buddha"

Accompaniment to the heavenly show should serve as a real and caused by human intervention and natural and manmade disasters. For example, the inhabitants of the earth will show the approach of Nibiru, which will be accompanied by a catastrophic earthquake in earthquake-prone areas, followed by inhabitants of the land was horrified to learn that our planet is rapidly approaching ships of Space Invaders, which will cause even more devastating impact on the largest cities of the world. Of course, these attacks would be dealt to a nuclear weapon, the terrestrial origin. The world will be plunged into panic and chaos. Will break down the main means of communication, start of the epidemic, banditry and looting. At this point begins the final act of the celestial show — the savior of the world will be revealed, is embodied in one person of Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, who, with the help of technology HAARP appeal to every people in its own language and find clear words representative of each religion. It would be so awesome spectacle, a scene which will be heaven, and decorations — reeling from war and earthquakes the world that the vast majority of humans will be in ecstasy messiah and his religion New Age and will voluntarily put on an electronic slave collar global theocratic empire centered in Jerusalem . It is likely that this performance will be played on the approximation of December 2012. Maybe in 2012, will be awarded one and play instruments, and the others will be played later. For full implementation of the plan to restore the third Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, the site of which today is a main shrine after Mecca Islam — Mosque of Omar. See Help in italics below:

Third Temple of Jerusalem, according to Jewish tradition, will be built with the coming of the Messiah in the same place, on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, where before there were two other temples. According to the prophets of Israel, this temple will be the spiritual center of the Jewish people and all mankind. According to the traditional view, the Third Temple will be constructed on the model of the Temple, described in detail in a prophetic vision of Ezekiel (Yechezkel) (Iez.40 — 48). Ezekiel, God guided his hand and accompanied by an angel, he traveled to the future and passes through the territory of the Third Temple, moving from the outside to the inner courtyard, and then in the holy premises of the Temple and its Holy of Holies. Like the temple, however, was never built, because the prophecy of Ezekiel rather vague and undefined. Builders of the Second Temple had to combine in his device architecture of the Temple of Solomon with those elements of the Temple of Ezekiel, described quite clear. For this reason, the Jewish scribes attribute this prophecy is one of those that will be executed only at the time of the coming redemption (Geula), which comes with the arrival of the Messiah. Jewish philosopher Maimonides (Rambam) writes that the Temple will build the King Messiah (anointed), after strengthen his throne. Just as it was in the days of David and Solomon, David, after the defeat of the enemies of Israel, his son Solomon built the Temple. Thus, if the future king, anointed actually be able to do this, it will be conclusive evidence of the fact that he is the Messiah that the Jewish people waited so long. Many commentators combine both approaches: On the report of the Christians, the Third Temple will be rebuilt false Messiah foretold by the biblical prophets. This man in the traditional Christian sources (Holy Fathers of Orthodoxy) — Antichrist, who, according to the predictions of Christian theologians (see Exact Exposition of the Orthodox Faith of John of Damascus, the head of the Antichrist), will build the Third Temple and resume services there, which will be one of the signs of proximity of the Second

However, the destruction of the Mosque of Omar, first, the world of Islam will be seen as the greatest insult and sacrilege, and secondly, they are just as Christians believe that the Jewish Messiah, who came to rebuild the Temple — is the Dajjal (Antichrist), the name which appears repeatedly in the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad. Moreover, plans to unleash the Third World War against the Muslim world were announced Illuminati, when the First World was still 30 years old!:

For the complete triumph of Freemasonry — (written in 1879! Was Ed) A. Pike — need three world wars, in the third of them will be destroyed the Muslim world, and then we shall provoke a huge social upheaval, the horrors of which will show all the destructive disbelief. Revolutionary minority will be destroyed, and disappointed in Christianity … most of us receive the true light of the doctrine of Lucifer.

Medvedev: "Russia is a co-founder of the New World Order!"

Interesting video, where Dmitry Medvedev speaks openly about the fact that Russia is a co-founder of the New World Economic Order, attracted the attention of editorial Anviktori. Video report from the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, held in June 2010. Knowledgeable person just can not skip past the ears Medvedev's words. It is especially important to watch this movie so-called "Western opposition" that Mr. Medvedev PR as opposed to the New World Order. Medvedev calls openly for open borders Russia to anyone who wants to find a second home. Closely tracking and comparing the facts, we can trace the roots of current policy Shuvalov (direct protege of London) for the opening of borders to immigrants from all over the world.

Watch closely to the 30th second to the 65th second.

Medvedev: "We need to build a modern, prosperous and strong Russia. Russia, which is a co-founder of the New World Economic Order, and a full member of the collective political leadership in the post. "

What is a "collective political leader", was described in detail in the articles:

Kurt Nimmo. Globalists are pushing a new global currency.

Soros is building the world order.

George Soros: Dollar omit China rising.

Another interesting answer to the question Medvedev foreign journalist at the end of the movie. Recall the words Rockefeller that "to establish the final world domination and the acceptance by all of the New World Government, needs only one good, artificially organized by the crisis." The journalist asked, being clearly in the know at what stage of the crisis is now the world. Medvedev clearly understood what he was asked, as said, "in all likelihood we are in the stage of recovery." In general, a guy happy that the doors of the world opened before him, but obviously does not know what will be of a real world crisis and the sacrifices required of him when it is necessary to practice hospitality world elite. With the rise of the "crisis" of ayfonchika will demand more and more. A silly bear thought it was over. However, the same gentlemen that make up the global establishment, there are always just that: give the child some candy, and then pull it through all the juice parents and family.

Second video inconsistent.

What's the problem of the union of the three countries in North America? What is the problem then, I did not understand. In order to merge the three countries into one, to erase political borders, trade, and economic barriers. This is the problem?

Rockefeller always ascribed different words, but most of it is apparently never said.

The system of world domination using the chips and the like Toy's absolutely viable, it will destroy itself. Rockefeller better than many others, it is understood, it is not stupid. He understands the risks and benefits of the introduction of such technologies. Because a world order based on slavery or other physical coercion is not effective in today's world, it does not progress.

The most effective model of power — power based on the hidden compulsion. The most striking of its embodiment — the modern financial system. Dictatorship dramatically lose in the competition of the more "free" countries. (Free, quotes, of course) And the advantage clearly looms on the longer time interval.

In my opinion, the problem is that the world's elite running out of resources of power — they know that their model of financial power is crumbling, as the development is rapidly decelerated. And right you with the problem of sudden braking — actions aimed at maintaining power by the world's elite. The world elite — she brake development. That is the world's elite has a choice — either to lose some of their power, or the entire world system will crumble further.

Most wise and far-sighted representatives of the world of power understand that the model must be changed. But how and in what way — that's the question. And I believe that it is still open, it's my opinion. They do not have a solid plan. All bins — it's like shelter just in case. You never know what events may begin at the time of the global geopolitical crisis. And let the government now faces his people, but who knows who will come to power then? And what impact all this will have.

What I wanted to say in general, is the fact that the world's elite — it is not an organic whole. This is a mixed company. In which there is a serious debate and discussion. And Bilderberg meeting another proof. So it is quite possible, and among them there are wise people, who will play in your and our side. Why not? A ready-made concept of world order — now, most likely it is short-sighted people talk. By analogy with Khain and Khalilov — not so simple and clear, and do not need a theory to model more on the individual facts.

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