The rains flooded Hungary


In Hungary, flooding threatens 700 homes

2812.10.Po post management to protect against disasters, Hungary, as a result of heavy rains in recent days, the scale flooding of the territory of the country surface water increases.

Currently, water flooded a total of over 3.5 thousand square meters. km — 150 square meters. km more than two days ago. Under the water is about 2 thousand square meters. miles of crops and arable land. Evacuated from the flooded area 104.

The scale of flooding (over 450 sq. km.) Purchased rampant in Szabolcs-Szatmar-Berezskoy of Hungary, next to the Transcarpathian region.

According to the regional Verhnetissenskoy Directorate of Environmental Affairs and aquaculture, the level of surface water in the region has exceeded fixed in the 1936 record levels. The index of fullness of groundwater is more than 75 percent, which is 20 percent more than the average.

In the border region as a whole flooding threatens 700 homes in 29 communities to take precautionary measures. Flooding from damaged houses six settlements evacuated 27 people.

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