The regions of Russia may occur scale chemical collapse

Large-scale man-made disasters threaten stopped by the chemical industry, for disposal facilities which no money.

Enterprises engaged in the USSR production of chemical weapons, threaten serious man-made disaster a number of Russian regions. The fact that the production stopped in need of disposal, for which there is no money.

Of hazardous enterprises — JSC "Khimprom" (Volgograd). It produces chemical weapons based on chlorine. For decades, waste water and solid waste is dumped in the tailings pond "White Sea", located 200 meters from the Volga. Dispose of a half million cubic meters of waste need to 11.15 billion rubles.

More production, ecology and threatening people is FSE "Alexin chemical plant." It is located in the Tula region, 170 km from Moscow. It was made before 1995 nitrocellulose. The enterprise has accumulated to 200 thousand tons of waste cellulose nitrates and raw materials for the production of explosives.

Hazardous substances are stored in ponds under water, but the storage capacity, where there are more than two thousand tons of a mixture of nitric and sulfuric acid leak. The atmosphere each year gets 12.7 tons of sulfuric acid vapors and eight tons of nitric acid. Waste disposal to 2.47 billion.

In the case of drying of the aqueous layer materials can detonate and damage radius will reach five to six kilometers.

To eliminate waste chemical plant in Krasnoyarsk "Yenisei" to 2.1 billion rubles. The victims of the explosion hazardous chemicals at this facility in the frozen area can be up to 12 thousands, the waste may cover the territory of neighboring biochemical plant, synthetic rubber plants, and pulp and paper mills.

Threat is and Krasnouralskiy chemical plant in Sverdlovsk region. This plant, which produced on an industrial scale RDX, went bankrupt in 2006. In the event of an explosion caused damage to the region may reach 50-70 billion rubles.

According to RBC, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has requested from the federal budget for recycling facilities, but for how much can count Office and there will be enough money allocated is not yet known. Environmentalists because of the special status of the production on the mothballed plants never allowed.

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