The second eruption of Fuego

Located 50km south of the capital of Guatemala Fuego volcano continues to terrify the locals for its eruptions. Mountain height of 3763 m during the next effusive eruption produced a powerful column of ash a kilometer up. Of the main crater is constantly pushed over portions of red hot lava to a height of 500 m on the clones to the foot drains at least three broad lava flow.
Reported emissions and ash to a height of 000 meters of 800-1, which the wind carries in the south-east. Seismologists warn that effusive eruption of Fuego character may soon cease, the volcano becomes more active and will start producing pyroclastic flows within a few hours. This megaraskalenny gas with a temperature of 1000 ° C, mixed with fragments of rock is extremely dangerous for all that occurs on the road, especially as its speed can reach up to 700 km / h
At the moment, the recommended code for the volcano hazard "orange." Special warnings are written to airlines their flights near Fuego. This is due to the extreme proximity of the ash cloud had time to spread to 10 of the volcano. As Fuego is constantly active volcano, locals warned of the possible danger of a more serious eruption. While observers say that this time it will not happen.


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