The secret government led by Etienne Davignon.

I have repeatedly posted information about the formations known as Secret Societies. Rumors about them so much that no one is really knows what to believe. Every year since 1954 "private" organization composed of the richest people in the world is going to discuss the world's problems. her head is a 73-year-old Viscount Etienne Davignon. What is it really this hidden group? ..

Etienne Davignon, in the past — one of the commissioners of the European Commission, and now the head of one of the corporations.

In Brussels, in his office, the walls of which are covered with caricatures of himself, Davignon shared his thoughts on the theories about the Bilderberg Group — an international club of conspirators who secretly run the world.

"It's inevitable and there's no getting around it — he said. — There will always be people ready to believe in conspiracies but things happen in a much more chaotic manner. "

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Etienne Davignon very rarely gives interviews. In an interview with the BBC BBC he tried to play down the importance of the Bilderberg Group in the determination of the international agenda: "The result of our meetings can be concluded that it would be wrong to turn a blind eye to this or that problem. But can we talk about the present consensus on the action plan of the points 1, 2 and 3? The answer — you can not. These people have too much sense to believe that they can do it. "

Every year since 1954, a small group of rich and powerful people holding meetings to discuss the state of the transatlantic alliance and the problems in Europe and the United States.

Her work led committee, which consists of two persons from 18 countries represented in this organization. The Bilderberg Group, so named after the hotel in Holland where it was the first meeting brings together about 120 politicians and businessmen.

At this year's meeting in Germany, attended by the heads of the World Bank, the European Central Bank, the head of Nokia, BP, Unilever, DaimlerChrysler Pepsi and other multinational corporations, the editors of the five major newspapers, members of parliament, ministers, commissioners of the European Commission, the Crown Prince of Belgium and Queen of the Netherlands.

"I do not consider us a global ruling class because I do not think that the global ruling class exists — says Etienne Davignon. — I think it's just powerful people who want to socialize with other influential people. "

"The Bilderberg group is not trying to draw any conclusions. She was not trying to say "we should do this or that." Each of them expresses its views, and it makes the debate is open and quite frankly, that allows us to understand what are the differences of opinion — says Davignon. — Everyone knows that business and politics affect society. On the other hand, the business community did not dispute the right of democratically-elected leaders to lead. "

For those who criticize the Bilderberg group, the fact that the results of its annual meetings almost not published, is proof enough that nothing good from it should not wait. Jim Tucker, editor of the conservative newspaper "America Free Press", believes that the members of the Bilderberg Group organize the war, as well as select and shift the political leaders. According to him, the Bilderberg group — is "evil." So where is the truth?

Professor Cees van der Pale from the University of Sussex in Britain believes that such an informal group of top business and political leaders play an informal but crucial role in the modern world.

"There should be an organization where these people could reflect on the main challenges of the future, to coordinate their policies and try to come to a consensus," — says Cees van der Pale.

Common sense

Will Hutton, an analyst for Economic Affairs, who was present at the meeting of the Bilderberg Group in 1997, says people take part in the activities of such organizations in order to influence the course of events in the world, to bring "international common sense" in the policy.

"For every problem that may affect your business, you will hear first-hand statements of decision-makers in this area, and you will help them in making these decisions from the point of view of common sense" — says Hutton.

"Common sense" in the interest of the core members of the Bilderberg Group, in particular in regard to free trade. Viscount Davignon says that at the annual meeting of the "round table always present internationalists" — people who support the work of the World Trade Organization, transatlantic cooperation and European integration.

The meetings of the Bilderberg Group are often involved future political leaders before their names are known to all. In 1991, it was meeting Bill Clinton, while he was still governor of Arkansas. Two years later — Tony Blair, the then member of parliament for the opposition Labour Party. All chairmen of the European Commission, who occupied the post recently participated in meetings of the Bilderberg Group before you were appointed to this position.

The secret government

This has led to accusations that the group pushes his people to important political positions. But Viscount Davignon says that members of its steering committee just perfectly able to identify talented people. Committee "determines the new boys and girls, who want to pay attention to them, in the initial phase of their career."

"This is not a fluke, but it is not forecasting, if they have done something, it is not because of the Bilderberg group, and thanks to his own" — Viscount Davignon says.

However, critics argue that the selection of the Bilderberg group prefers those aspiring politicians whose views correspond to the interests of big business. However, it is not easy to prove — or disprove.

Observers, and among them, Will Hutton, argue that in such informal structures, there are bad and good. They are not accountable to the voters, but on the other hand, due to their functioning international mechanisms. And their power is limited, keen to emphasize that the chairman of the Bilderberg Group, "When they say that it is a secret world government, I say that if this is really the secret world government, we should be terribly ashamed of themselves."

Over the past 50 years, informal and unofficial organizations such as the Bilderberg Group oiled mechanism of world politics and contributed to the process of globalization. According to the critics, they undermine democracy, and their supporters believe that they are necessary for the successful functioning of a modern democracy. Such organizations will thrive as long as business and politics are dependent on each other.



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