The secret government. Who rules the world 2: Skull and Bones, the Bilderberg

This film tells the story of a secret order, "Skull and Bones", "Bilderberg Group", "Trilateral Commission" and the "Council on Foreign Relations." Of those who served, and is a member. Their politics, slogans, rituals, ceremonies, dedications ..
Among the names you will see a very significant in today's world of politicians, bankers, and what degree they have in one way or another the order. According to their members, it is nothing more than a secular clubs. However, the researchers believe their secret organizations with less than secular purposes …

More about secret organizations you can read / watch HERE

There will also be interesting to hear Vladimir Zhirinovsky on this topic. The man he is, of course, "special", but sometimes says things worth thinking about.

Watch Vladimir Zhirinovsky of Bilderberg. 20.06.12

Watch Who rules the world 2: "Skull and Bones", "Bilderberg"

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