The Shroud of Turin. Further evidence of the authenticity of

The Shroud of Turin — The legendary artifact, which was wrapped the body of Jesus Christ. For years, there were discussions about its authenticity. And Scientists from the University of Padua, presented new evidence in favor of the church

In the cathedral of Turin, it seems, is stored cloth, in which it was actually wrapped the body of Jesus Christ, the Shroud of Turin is a linen cloth length 437 and a width of 111 centimeters. It is kept in the Italian city of Turin in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist.

On the canvas two negative typo human body mutilated — front and back. Some believe that it is in the painting was removed from the cross wrapped Savior, whose body is imprinted on the cloth and supernatural way.

Skeptics doubt. And I suspect that the Shroud still fake. That is, the image on it, if not drawn, then somehow obtained artificially. Both sides are arguing fiercely over the years.

And now there are new results — in favor of those who believe in the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin. They are presented by scientists from the University of Padua.

Professor Giulio Fanti (Professor Giulio Fanti), an expert in the field of mechanics and thermal measurements of the Faculty of Engineering University (University of Padua's Engineering Faculty) assures: cloth of the Shroud of Turin was made in the time of Jesus Christ. And even earlier — in about 3 centuries before his birth. But in any case not less than the Shroud of the 4th century AD.

The professor and his colleagues used a forensic approaches for the analysis of fiber stored in the Turin Shroud. Applying infrared spectroscopy, they compared these fibers with other ancient samples. And confident in their results by 95 percent.

Skeptics cite studies in 1988 when three independent laboratories conducted radiocarbon dating tissue. And it gave the result: the Shroud was made in the period from 1260 till 1390.

Giulio Fanti know about this "verdict". But believes that the results of radiocarbon dating have been distorted by the influence of fire and water on the fabric — it has suffered in the fire. Furthermore, the shroud was cooked in sunflower oil, getting tangled cleaned of soot.

Professor outlined his findings in his book "The Mystery of the Shroud» (Mistero della Sindone), co-written with journalist Saverio Gaeta (Saverio Gaeta). The appearance of the book dedicated to the display of the Shroud of Turin, which will be held March 30 — the day before the Catholic Easter. See the relic will be in a group of 300 people, which have to be young people, the sick and the disabled.

Not for the first time

Two years ago, encouraged believers National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development of Italy (Enea). It published a report on five years of research the Shroud of Turin, which took a group of American scientists STURP (Shroudof Turin Reasearch Project). It is their own opinions and analysis allowed the drafters of the report — the scientists Di Lazzaro, Murra, Santoni, Nikelatti and Baldakkini — say, the Turin Shroud — is not a fake.

"The double image, front and rear, a man who has been subjected to torture and crucifixion, which can be seen on the linen cloth of the Shroud of Turin — said in a report — has many unusual characteristics, chemical and physical, which currently can not be reproduced in the laboratory, it is impossible to repeat , and thus falsify the image on the shroud. But it also does not allow to formulate a reliable hypothesis about the mechanism of formation of the print. Today, science is unable to explain how the Shroud was formed imprint of the body. " It is only found in the body is as if the web is not more than two days.

But the origin of the print on the Shroud — this is top secret. And it remains undisclosed.



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