The sky over Chechnya now be monitored newest air defense control system

The sky over Chechnya is now controlled by the new system will be air defense controlLt. Col. Oleg Kochetkov, the official dealer SOUTH told Itar-Tass that the air space of Chechnya will be monitored the latest system of air defense control "Barnaul-T. "

"In the Chechen Republic, in the village Kalinovskaja Fri, Motorized Rifle connection got a basic set of unified air defense control at the tactical level," Barnaul-T ". Division became the first in the environment — said Kochetkov. — This new product is designed to equip Fri air defense control within the team modern means of automation, data exchange and communication. "

"Bimbo system Management enables more perfectly coordinated in conjunction motorized rifle air defense facilities operations at all levels, to increase the survivability and mobility for all the criteria, "- Lieutenant Colonel allocated.

"Barnaul-T"Works with all existing air defense means not only of old, and new. System "Barnaulskaya T" represents the individual modules. Software and hardware funds modules are located on different chassis. Fire control modules are placed separately.

On his own performance, the number of problems solved at once, and the reliability of this all-weather package unparalleled in the world does not have. Maximum height of work is 3000 thousand meters above sea level. Also, "Barnaul-T"Can be used as a standalone simulator crews.

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