The southern United States were replaced by unprecedented snowfall frost

In the middle of this week on the central southern U.S. states hit the cold snow cyclone Canada. He brought heavy snowfalls, which greatly enlarged treasury winter precipitation. There are still a few weeks of winter, and in some areas have dropped a record amount of snow. For example, in Tulsa (Oklahoma) piled about 66 cm of snow. Because of the snow drifts on the motorways of the region formed hours of congestion. Many drivers were forced to abandon their cars drivers on the road, in their evacuation provided by the National Guard, activated by the authorities in the aftermath of a snow storm. Airlines servicing flights in the region, announced the cancellation of about 100 flights. The most serious situation in the international airport of Fort Worth in Dallas (Texas), where due to icing of the runway does not hold more than half the usual number of flights.


Cyclone brought not only snow, but a sharp drop in temperature. It was expected that the thermometer in the states of Arkansas and Oklahoma may drop to — 20 degrees. But cold surpassed all expectations. So, in Bartlsvile (Oklahoma) was registered a record low temperature on record — 33 degrees. And in Houston, as a result of cooling, the average temperature was as much as 14 degrees below normal.


Life in the region just died. At a number of power substations due to a sharp drop in temperature occurred the accident, but the serious faults in the power supply is not reported. Authorities in a number of states have introduced state of emergency, advising residents to stay home and not go out without urgent need.


Meanwhile, in the next day cold retreat, and the thermometer will crawl back up.


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