The storm, which no one expected. Scientists in shock — a small prominence on the Sun provoked strong magnetic disturbance on the Earth

Today meteodependent humans can still feel the residual effects of the fittest and a half years of a magnetic disturbance provoked by a small solar flare.

Today, in the Chelyabinsk region geomagnetic field is unstable, news agency reported "Access" in the weather. Scientists say that this instability — the largest residual phenomenon — in October 2008 — a magnetic storm.

Storm started around 7.00 MSK April 5, for six hours geomagnetic index Kp, which is based on the measurement scale magnetic storms, held at the "4", which means a state of "outraged" after which about 13.00 MSK began a major geomagnetic storm, according to researchers from the RAS.

The last time this level of magnetic storm was recorded October 11, 2008.

Strong and rather unexpected disturbance of the magnetosphere provoked relatively little solar flare that occurred on April 3 at about 14.00 MSK .. Small protuberance was an anomaly because lasted seven hours. The time separating the maximum magnetic storm and the maximum flash (about two days) approximately corresponds to the time it takes the magnetic and plasma disturbances flash to overcome the 150 million miles of interplanetary space, separating the Earth from the Sun.

During 6-7 April, the scientists say, may be weak residual perturbations of the magnetosphere, but the repetition of the storm on April 5 is highly unlikely, as the Earth, obviously, has already crossed the front of the flare disturbance, which is now moving further towards the outer planets of the solar system.More:



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