The strongest storm in 30 years is close to Estonia

Sea storm named "Ingo" is coming to Estonia today, warned the rescuers. They added that such a powerful impact of elements on the coast of the country was 30 years old, and asked residents to prepare for the worst.

Wind in the second half of the day on the islands of Hiiumaa and Saremaa, west and north-west coasts of Estonia will rise to 15 — 20 m / c in the gusts, at night — up to 23 — 25 m / sec. He can knock down trees, power lines, and break even destroy rooftops.

It should be ready to storm and residents of the mainland, said the North-Estonian Rescue Centre. "People should stock up on water, candles and charge mobile phones" — experts recommend adding that all emergency services in Estonia are on alert.

It is worth noting that the North Atlantic cyclone will get to Russia. Thus, the atmospheric pressure in St. Petersburg in connection with this sharp fall, winds intensify, it will rain.

Spoil "Ingo" and the weather in Moscow. "The temperature will slowly but surely go down. If at the end of the week it will remain near normal, in the following days, she will return to the one — two weeks ago and will be more in line with the end of March. Peak cooling will occur in the beginning of next week, when the nights in clarifying frosts are expected to -1 … -6 ° C, and the day will not exceed +3 … +8 ° C is chosen from the cold weather begins to pit only on Thursday, April 14 "- reported in the central forecast" Phobos " .

On the island of Estonia (north-west of the country) is approaching the strongest in the last 30 years, sea storm "Ingo". On Thursday According to the North Estonian Rescue Centre, noting that online services are in full readiness and ability to respond to signals for help. Cyclone touches and Hiiumaa island Saremaa and the coast, however, according to the rescuers, to prepare for the storm and residents must mainland.
Storm reaches maximum strength in the evening. According to the forecasts of the Institute of Hydrology and Meteorology of Estonia, wind power can reach 30 m / sec. All ships in the area of the upcoming storm, warned of a changing environment.


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