The threat from space is canceled

"Above Ground looming new threat from space", "For a comet hiding aliens," "Aliens visit Earth in September», «C/2010 X1 — the red dragon of the Apocalypse" — Comet Elenin, which is close to the Earth, the Internet has provoked an outbreak of mass hysteria .

However, in the Kharkov planetarium confident that people who are trying to impose on us this sensation, far from scientific astronomy.

Comet C/2010 X1, opened at the Institute of Applied Mathematics. Keldysh Leonid Elenin in December 2010, somehow acquires a fantastic hypotheses. According to the World Wide Web crawl rumors of spaceships that are hidden behind the comet, that the comet itself is part of the giant ship, which consists of two compartments, where the aliens travel the expanse of space, visiting different planets. Some even identify a "furry star" with the mysterious planet Nibiru, the approach of which the Earth promises a global catastrophe because of the pole shift.

A provoked mass hysteria published in the local media report of the Director Center for Astronomical Research in the province of Misiones (Aregetina) Sergio Tuscany. Carefully examined photographs of the comet, astronomer clearly saw her flying two "cylinder", with which, in his opinion, are the space ships, controlled by aliens. He called the exact date of the visit of the Earth representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations — September 10. However, this number is in doubt, since, according to the astronomical handbooks, the comet approaches the Earth at a minimum distance — 34.9 million miles — 16 October 2011.

Meanwhile, the director of the Kharkov planetarium Galina Zheleznyak sure: take seriously raised around ordinary celestial body is not worth the hype. Each year, astronomers discover dozens of new comets, and "tailed star" Elenin is not doing anything out of the ordinary.

— Astronomer and he had no idea that the pictures of the comet will cause them to open such a stir and a lot of emotions, — says Galina.

Astronomers looking at these photos, simply smile, says Galina Zheleznyak because those "ships green men" that resemble the pictures cylinders — nothing like the stars, because of the camera movement stretched into short strips.

Comet Elenin — a fact, but the planet Nibiru and threatening comets, aliens who hide — it's just a man's desire to make the world unpredictable — smiles Galina. — So that the disaster Earthlings is not threatened — we are waiting for a bright future.

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