The transition to the new Irkutsk

Elevated pedestrian crossing built in Irkutsk. By agreement with the City of pedestrian crossing on equity builds a group of companies "Fortune". It will connect the central area of the "Fortune" from the Lower Angara embankment, go out to the workers.

Increased interest in Irkutsk to this construction is quite understandable. Previously, such a large-scale urban facilities solely at their own expense, no commercial structure in Irkutsk are not erected. Record of "Fortune" the size of investment in the comfort of Irkutsk probably never be broken! In addition, a new pedestrian bridge will not only facilitate vehicular traffic and provide full security for pedestrians, it has become a new landmark in Irkutsk.

One can say: such facilities in Irkutsk was not. This is the first overhead crossing in a city that does not rest on the supporting structures, and metal cables on cable-stayed. For the convenience of the disabled and mothers with prams it will be entirely made up of the system of ramps. In addition, the beautiful "flying" bridge will serve as a kind of Irkutsk citizens lookout.




— From the top of the transition will be a picturesque view of the Sign Monastery, the lower promenade and the Angara River — says Nina Chekotova, the owner of "Fortune". — So everyone will have the opportunity to stop and admire the most beautiful places in our city. I hope to harmoniously fit into the concept of Irkutsk. We initially invested in it not only functional but also aesthetic value — the design should turn out beautiful and recognizable. The idea of building elevated pedestrian crossing was the only possible solution to congestion problems and avariynoopasnogo site of street working. Build a subway in this place was not appropriate because of the large number of networks that would move that could paralyze the masses of vital facilities of the city.



The development of the concept of a new pedestrian bridge, its unique appearance of specialists engaged in Architectural and Design Center "Fortune". First of all, engineers have taken into account, perhaps the most topical issue for the people of Irkutsk — seismic safety. Most are guaranteed to withstand shocks and 8 points. You can imagine how impatiently waiting for his creators of the project implementation, which, unfortunately, has repeatedly pushed back.





— Implementation of such projects — it's a tribute to our customers and citizens, the formation of a new convenient and comfortable environment for urban contemporaries and future generations, — said Nina Chekotova. — I hope that soon we will implement another planned project — a restoration Quartermaster garden, which has historically placed on the bank of the river Ushakovka. My dream — to build a small attractions for people of Irkutsk. Quartermaster garden will be laid out in a similar style to the Lower Angara embankment: with green spaces, pedestrian and bicycle paths.
All costs for the construction of the bridge is only the company "Fortuna". The estimated cost of the project — 43 million rubles. — To date, the amount increased, but not significantly. These are the adjustments that makes life — says Nina Chekotova. — And the drastic deviations from the project did not happen. Is that the focus has shifted more to the aesthetics of the future Irkutsk attractions.






It is already clear: a new object with an original and so beautiful that it will need its own name. In his nomination, "flying" the bridge is open to all comers. Once the transition will be put into operation the enterprise "Fortune" will among its customers the appropriate competition.

Only the numbers:
* The length of the transition — 110 m
* The height of the web over the road — 5.5 meters
* Width — 4 pm



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