The truth about the flooding in Bangkok

Yesterday we went to the north of Bangkok, to Don Muang airport. Well, finally found a flood. So today will be "hot" photos and videos, and not just hot and dry asphalt. Well known on television (especially Russian) in the brain is driven simple spectator information that Bangkok is completely flooded. Not so. Moreover — this impudent lies . Yes, there is a flood. podtopilo places even stronger. But the Bangkok, ordinary tourists who are interested in dry and happy. Soaking? With utretsa glanced at the map of flooding. Oh, guys currently rate of flooding — Chatuchak Park is under water. Such a miracle could not miss. Enjoy the epicenter! Who draws the cards?!Fish eats bananas and has mastered crawling up trees.Yeah, you would panic? They have me! Thais are fleeing in panic from the flood.Secret underwater laboratory.What for her umbrella at that depth?From general output plus — free roads.Okay, you understand that Chatuchak as usual hopeless. Let's go to Don Muang. And here again, and plop!On the situation: buses run directly to the airport. Strange is not it? After all, there are three feet of water! In fact, the water really is. Begins somewhere a mile from the airport. But rarely level up the sidewalk. And if the above is not critical — the ankle anywhere. Next airport public transport unfold. But the trucks go. The truth can be seen in the distance, which rises to the level of 60-70 centimeters, but it is in the lowlands and long.
People are living a normal life. Where the water is high — there are trying to spread the track of the bags. Makashniki trade. Taxi cab drivers. Moreover, open not only small shops, but even the Big C. There is generally a temporary platform built from pieces of wood instead of a stop — not soak your feet.Someone farang were more interesting than the flood :-)
Panic among the mermaids!Well, you get the idea — you can not show it to children.Today went to the other side. On the outskirts of the center had to seriously compete with the currents.Tuk-Tucker lazily trying to breed to view the Black Buddha for 10 rupees.Blue-green algae and phytoplankton.Well, okay, here at once and without intrigue washed away from the face of the earth "house" King :-)For you, Thomas unbelievers as morons posing with a newspaper. Can compare the issues here: Thai are not trained, but the date of close-up shot on video (later will fill in).Yes, we see a couple of hours palace affected. So there are some pictures (one of the inputs is not for tourists). Yet Palace is close to the river. And in some places "gave to flow." Sometimes the water is visible in the side streets, but no more than 5 centimeters. Vehicles allowed to bypass on parallel streets. But the free movement of the complex.The remains of "elements." Here, after a rain mushroom more water.Is this you will be on TV? Of course not.Want to learn how to shoot the news? In general, we met German journalists. Operator and leading. From me right in the forehead question: "What for you do it?" Who do not understand what they're doing — all the attention to the operator. Found creek 5 meters from the Chao Phraya and shoot it up close. Then it will be alleged the streets of Bangkok. The journalist said earnestly, "I understand you perfectly. But it's my job. If not flood, there is no news."A man sleeps in a raging river. Fearless Taika it removes.Oh, that these panic. Or constipation, go straight.Restaurant on the water.We approach the pier. Terribly deep!It looks spectacular. Submerged platform. Of course, no wonder she's such a month. A cross to the other side of the river works. Is that you tell show?Desired angle, and voila — Bangkok down!Monk is not interested in your Filkin floods — he better be noticeably city :-)The elephant seems to say to us: "I figeyu with you, dear editors!"
PS Report would not have been so without the help of colorful photographer solo_pieroand part of my wife :-)Source:

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