The U.S. Army has completed the first stage of the test helicopter OH-58F

The U.S. Army has completed the first stage of the test helicopter OH-58F

Graduated from the U.S. Army construction of the first prototype series helicopter Bell OH-58F Kiowa Warrior. Currently, the helicopter prepared for the first test flight, which is expected in April 2013.

«This is really a majestic day for Army Aviation,» says Lt. Col. Matthew Hanna, Manager Service programmke OH-58F.

Unlike most other military projects, Kiowa Warrior designed and built specifically for the needs of the army.

Development of OH-58F was one of the most complex programs for the U.S. Army aviation ever undertaken, says Brad Welch, one of the project engineers who were engaged in the modernization of the helicopter.

Final weight Bell OH-58F Kiowa Warrior was 1630 kg (3590 lb), to below 24kg project, says Hannah. Or a 90.7 kg. less than OH-58D, which means great performance.

Bell will build three layouts for testing in Alabama. Follow the machine will be delivered?? March. First production helicopter is supposed to leave the assembly line in January and will be transferred to the Air Force by the end of 2013. Creating OH-58F will be in Corpus Christi, and the first serial party should start entering service since March 2015. Pervyya operational squadron to be equipped with one hundred percent by 2016, says Hannah.

The Army will buy 368 of the OH-58Fs. Current D-model helicopters will be redesigned in the F-model in Corpus Christi. Construction helicopters cost taxpayers about $ 551 million conversion Any model will cost between $ 4 million to $ 5 million

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