The U.S. is evacuated because of river flooding Mississippi and Ohio

U.S. authorities evacuated residents of cities located in Mississippi and Ohio rivers, due to floods caused by heavy rains in the region, said on Friday broadcaster CNN referring to the representative of the Department for action in emergency situations.

In particular, according to the representative, in Arkansas were forced to leave their homes, about one thousand residents of the three towns.

According to authorities, due to the fact that water in the Mississippi River rose to a critical level, the state of emergency was declared in 14 counties in the state of Louisiana — in the lower reaches of the river. According to a state government Bobby Jindal (Bobby Jindal), to combat the effects of the elements will send about 150 soldiers of the National Guard USA.

According to Reuters, the flood has affected some Illinois and struck Tennessee. In particular, the evacuation was announced in the Memphis area in the southwest of the state. According to the agency, about 5,000 people are forced to leave their homes and move to safer places.

Last week, the U.S. tornado hit and surpassed the number of lives being lost hurricanes swept the South and Midwest in April 1974. Then disaster victims were 315 people. As a result of rampant disaster last week in the U.S. killed about 350 people. Damage from the struck southern U.S. storm cyclone is estimated at five billion dollars. Cyclone storm swept Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia, Kentucky.

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