The UK continues to float in rainwater

Most of England, Scotland and Ireland continues to fight the rain and showers, seized the British Isles. It was learned that an elderly man was washed with water from local rivers overflowing. 60-year-old man from Shropshire could not be saved.

Most rainfall occurred in the western part of England, Herefordshire, Vorstersa and Staffordshire. Between England and Scotland are temporarily closed some railroad tracks. Near Berwick was a small landslide, blocked a site on the east coast. Do not function many tunnels.
Because of the high water levels were evacuated residents Tyneside. All neighboring communities warned about the possibility of re-flooding, as with a new portion of showers and already crowded drainage systems can not sustain. The level of local rivers is also a critically high level.
In Ireland, more than 50 houses were flooded and many businesses. Thousands of buildings were left without power after the Cork 50 mm of rain fell. There is a risk of repeated flooding in Belfast, from which received more than 700 calls for help. Electricity was lost in a thousand homes.


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