The unusual heat wave in India

At least four people died as a result of abnormally hot weather, established in the last few days in the north-eastern Indian state of Odishi. In areas of Bolangir, Angouleme, Jaipur and Subanapur were missing one resident after the temperature exceeded 46 ° C, which is 7.6 degrees above normal. This month, the number of victims in the country is steadily approaching the ten. In April, the heat died Hindu. From unofficial sources report that from diseases associated with the sultry weather in northeast India killing about 40 people.

The absolute maximum temperature at 46,5 ° C. was recorded in Titilagar. The average statewide day of air warmed up to 40-45 degrees. A similar situation exists in the state of West Bengal. According to weather forecasts, the area of high atmospheric pressure, hovering over the Andaman Sea in the near future will be in the same place and will continue to pose a threat to residents Odishi and neighboring states to the middle of next week.

The guy saved from the sultry weather in the river Dhansri, Nagaland State. May 19, 2012.

A resident of Calcutta, West Bengal, trying to cool down the water from the column. May 17, 2012.

The boy takes the cool water from the column in Calcutta.

The best way to escape the heat — ice cream.


Indian shop owner is trying to cool with a fan.
Photos: Xinhua / Tumpa Mondal


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