The Vatican has disappeared system administrator


14.06.12.Neskolko days ago vanished former hacker, who took the Vatican to serve as the chief programmer, writes Marco Ansaldo in an article published in the newspaper La Repubblica.

"It is called the" engineer of the Pope. " In his hand are all the codes to enter the computer system of the Vatican. He is the keeper of many secrets, including those relating to the controversial publication of internal documents of the Holy See. But he disappeared a few days ago, "- says the publication.

"It's about a young hacker, now 36 years old, who created the system Firewall to protect and perfect the modern data center, located in the dungeons of the papal palace. The Vatican knows that it is a unique person, who, if desired, can break into the system and capture the most valuable information. But what happened to him? From the man whose name is unknown to most of those who are within the sacred walls? "- Asks the author.

"His story is one of the best kept secrets in the Vatican. Once he hacked the computer network Vatican. It came out pretty quickly, but instead of being punished, he was accepted for service in the Vatican. Over time, he was entrusted with a delicate matter — the protection of the computer system of the Holy See. According to experts, it is comparable to or exceeds that of similar systems of U.S. intelligence "- the author writes.

"To date, only a young engineer know how to get into the Vatican network, because it has a password to log into the database, which he created and which is not amenable to hacking. Theoretically, a former hacker known all contacts and internal e-mail, cipher codes Vatican Bank and even, perhaps, the mystery of the so-called "Raven", the people who spread the Vatican letter, "- the author of the article.

"There is the hypothesis that a computer that is considered one of the representatives of the immediate circle pontiff, after the scandal broke Vatileaks longer trusts to those who asked him to deal with a computer system the Vatican, and he wants to stay away from the problem that with time only grows. This new detective story has become another of the many mysteries still have not completed the scandal "- the author writes.

Source: Inopressa

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