The village Ilinskoe cows die from hunger


10.11.12. "Two dozen dead cows and calves in the open air in the farm animal burial in the village Ilinskoe. Cattle cemetery located near the children's camp "Squirrel", almost on the road, where the employees of the camp and go Ilyinsky intake.

I know that the hay on the farm burned down in the late summer, and the loss of cattle — the result of underfeeding. According to the chief of the district stations to combat animal diseases VS Novikov, the carcasses will be destroyed. I hope that will preserve animal burial. Although there is concern that in the near future it will become a crematorium, as there is a large loss of livestock. Why farm managers forget that there is a law prohibiting cruelty to animals? "

This letter is director KOGUP DOL "Squirrel" AA Rychkov brought to the Editor "SC" on Tuesday of this week. And on Wednesday, reporters "IC" went with him to Ilinskoe to see the situation firsthand. It really was crying. Cattle cemetery is a space enclosed by a wooden fence with a gate, locked. Break out the board but after we saw lying on the ground carcasses of young and mature cows.

"This picture I found on November 2, — the author of the letter. — 20 years working in the camp, but the first time I saw such an outrage. The trouble is that the animal burial can not be avoided, it is 50 meters from the road on which the villagers go and people vacationing in the "Squirrel". Constantly spinning packs of dogs here. Burial ground for flowing stream, water flows out of it to Ilinskii beach, falls into the river, and the Kirov the water they drink.


Local residents say that killed many cattle. In Elias even sad joke appeared: a cow farm food three times a day, not a day, a week. The cemetery is a long time there, they say, is made according to the rules, next to the farm, so it was convenient to transport corpses. But it is absolutely against the rules starve cows hunger, and then the bodies in the open air to leave. Out what putrid smell in the area is. I intend to appeal to the head area with a request to liquidate this place, because a few steps from here there is a children's camp of regional subordination, and behind it — water intake. "
We did not fail to look on the farm itself, without meeting a single employee. Everywhere was impassable mud and silence, we have broken, opening the door barn. As if on cue, all the cows are turned to our heads and raised a prolonged roar. Has not found the courage to look into the eyes of any martyr.
Last week a local Internet are full of reports that Elias starving cattle. One of the first in his blog about the regional Duma deputy Sloboda IV Olin: "The Elias at this time, hundreds of cows suffering from hunger. They fished to the limit of their degeneration is irreversible. Instead of the 25 feeding units needed to cattle survived the winter, harvested only 8. Eyewitnesses situation Elias complete the picture: July irregular workers receive meager pay a thousand rubles, growing salary arrears, some milkmaids stopped going to work, fired the last tractor, nothing planted, faulty equipment. "
One of the residents Ilyinskikh also outraged by the situation: "The die has started since April, hooves threw 76 goals. People say that the animal dies of starvation. It lasts a long time, the cows were exhausted as early as last winter, they gave a weak offspring. Good conditions on a farm there. The villagers are going through, remember the heyday of the old economy. People are especially concerned that the absence of proper guidance. We say: the economy is in private hands, the owners of what they want and do. What does that mean, I can make any animal and torture him? There and then the individual workers is almost gone, it's the punishment — to go to work and see a hungry beast. Carcasses of dead animals crowded cattle cemetery. "
Head Sloboda district stations to combat animal diseases VS Novikov, answering the question of "IC", said: "According to the rules, the corpses of cows should be collected into a pit, but it is full. Management of the veterinary services of the Kirov region was granted an order to destroy the bodies. Veterinary specialists to analyze material taken from cows that are there. Dangerous infectious diseases common to humans and animals, have been identified, the cattle did not die from disease and hunger.
Improve the situation with regard to finding a nearby children's camp is now impossible. Even if the bodies destroyed, livestock remain in place. You can close it and do not use it, but as an area animal burial, he would still be at least 25 years. As a specialist I would say that is a disgrace, in Elias, I see for the first time. "
Head of the department of agriculture administration Sloboda District NB Carpenters
familiarized us with letters of Sloboda district prosecutor's office, one of which deals with violations of labor law upon non-payment of wages, in the other — violations of the Law "On Veterinary Medicine" and the animal health rules. And states made head Ltd. "SPK CXA Lenin" orders to eliminate the violations.
As explained by Nicholas B., Ilinskoe farm is part of the farms owned by the Company "Interregional Management Company" from Moscow, and the director — a resident of Nizhny Novgorod, NA Medinskaya. A few days ago, the new manager was appointed resident Bobinski farm settlements NA Tyulkin. November 7 Sloboda district administration held a meeting with experts of the department of agriculture and veterinary services, in which he gave an assurance that the situation will be corrected Elias.
"We carry out its powers, constantly monitoring the situation in this economy — said NB Carpenters. — We leave the place, we recommend, we offer different options. We are ready to complete food from farms area, and even buy some cows to send them in for fattening and Lekmu Sauveur. But the management of the economy does not agree to our proposals, and continue to kill cattle. Cattle in Elias, indeed, not fed according to the standards, there is often no water, almost no equipment, zernotoka put in ferrous. But most importantly, the people who would have pulled the economy, because it is not paid. Today, much needs to be corrected and put in place, but, by law, we have no right to interfere in the affairs of the owner. Of course, even in the dead cattle cemetery should be immediately disposed of, because a number of water protection zone and a children's camp, it should make the economy. Knows where left 10 million rubles of subsidies allocated in the past 3 years to support the economy of the federal and regional budgets. I do not understand inaction managers economy. People have come to make money, and what to leave behind — is they do not care. "


Is it a business? What is happening, even in the framework of the law, ruthlessly and cynically, not only to animals but also to the people living in the suburban land. Animal dumb, but it is — part of nature. What if nature will answer us the same?

Hope MOKEROVA. Photo Evgeniya Gushchina.

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