The world continues to live like a volcano

Disappointing forecasts come from the experts of the International Committee on Global Change of the geological environment — a new phase of growth of seismic activity. Therefore, in the next few years, the world, catastrophic earthquake. March events in Japan is just the beginning.

Next in line regions "Ring of Fire" — Indonesia, the Philippines, the west coast of North and South America. Could be disastrous situation in California, if activated one of the most seismically active faults in the world — San Andreas length of 1300 kilometers. And that could happen as early as 2013, experts say.

Will take place at the same time and increasing volcanic activity. What causes the earth disasters, leading "Morning of Russia" at the employee learned geographical Faculty Valery Fyodorov.

According to him, the influence on events in the world, has a space, including the gravitational field created by cosmic bodies. There are all the processes, including geological.

"The masses of celestial bodies related by gravity, which opened Newton. So, our Earth interacts with the Moon, resulting in an ebb in the hydrosphere. All of the planets that make up the solar system, in the same way affect each other, but these forces are a little different, because it depends on the mass and distance, "- said Valery Fedorov.

He stressed that gravity acts on all of the body: solid, liquid, gaseous. Therefore, there are tides in the ocean — the hydrosphere and the lithosphere. "About twice a day, we go up to half a meter. This spring tides, which reach maximum amplitude in the new and full moon. However, we do not feel it, because the action takes place gradually — we descend and ascend with the earth, "- said the expert.

Earthquakes and volcanic activity — a phenomenon not only the earth, but also space. "While we can not predict accurately, and do not want to learn this — complains geographer. — It is costly. However, it would be worth a hundred times less than is spent on the restoration of losses after disasters.

So while we continue to live as a volcano. "


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