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Japan dominated by typhoon "Talas". He struck the southern islands, causing floods and landslides. There are casualties among the local population. Catherine Minassian to continue the topic.


Source: Channel PIC

In Japan, the growing number of victims of a powerful typhoon

MOSCOW, September 4 — RIA Novosti. At least eight people have been victims of landslides and floods caused by a powerful typhoon "Talas" in Japan, 33 people are still missing, reports on Sunday, Japanese broadcaster NHK.

Previously reported six dead and 20 missing.

Before "Talas" walked through the island of Shikoku, and later — in the southern part of the largest Japanese island of Honshu, then local rivers burst their banks and become a powerful mudslides, mostly and cause death.

According to the Meteorological Service of Japan, the center of the typhoon, which has already become the 12th of the season, is now moving north over the Sea of Japan at about 20 kilometers per hour. It is expected that "Talas" will reach the Russian Far East.

Meteorologists warn that due to the small speed typhoon rains in Japan will continue and will result in powerful new floods and landslides.

According to the agency, "Kyodo," the Japanese government ordered the evacuation or sent recommendations to the evacuation of about 450,000 people in the central and western parts of the country.


Source: RIA Novosti

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