Thousands of dead fish washed up on the shore of one of the islands of Ecuador


Thousands of dead fish washed ashore in Ecuador

30.10.12.Udivlenie. Here is what the islanders felt Hambeli (province of El Oro) in the south of Ecuador, when he woke up on Monday morning, they saw that thousands of dead fish littered the entire coastline.

The Islanders began collecting fish body, quickly decompose in the hot equatorial sun, to bury them in a landfill of this resort. According to the Ecuadorian people, the picture was depressing, because fish species chuhueco (Cetengraulis mysticetus, fish anchovies family) were scattered on the beach for at least 10 kilometers. Arrived on the scene officers of the Ministry of the environment, to set the value of pollution, caused massive fish kills, which has long been concerned about the local fishermen. Employees of the Port of Puerto Bolivar water sample. According to preliminary data, the tide began about 04:00 am, and is likely to bring fish body waves from the mainland.

Tomas Cruz, president of the Union of Organizations of craft fishing province of El Oro (Uoppao), said that they are waiting for the authorities to maximum transparency in the analysis of this incident. He called on President Correa personally come to the province and honestly tell the people, causing fish kills, which is the main source of livelihood of hundreds and hundreds of Ecuadorian families. Last week, the fishermen of the southern coast of Ecuador held a protest against the extraction of natural gas in the Gulf of Guayaquil, convinced that such grandiose government projects jeopardize fishing. Pollution of coastal ocean waters is also reflected, to a lesser extent, in such types as snails and fish bagre (catfish).

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