Thousands of residents of Nevada flee fire

Foto: PantherMedia / Scanpix

In the U.S. state of Nevada about 10 000 people were evacuated from areas where raging wildfires. The fire quickly spread to all the large areas covered by fire more than 800 hectares.

One person died and 16 were hospitalized. One of the firefighters suffered severe burns. Burned more than 25 homes. More than 4,000 people were left without electricity.

The state authorities have reported that in some areas, the fire was contained, because it was snowing. Elsewhere, however, the wind speed at 97 miles per hour is the flame on and also prevents fire service helicopters to take off.

One of the residents of the area disasters Dick Hatch said in an interview with The Associated Press that the wind can not keep on his feet. "The whole mountain in flames. Smoke makes so much that can not see anything around," — says an eyewitness.

Local police and about a hundred members of the National Guard of the State of bypass home residents and encourage them to speed up the evacuation.Source:

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