Thousands of Washington residents remained without electricity

Public Services, the U.S. capital to overcome the consequences of Rain, which broke out on Saturday night over the territory of the District of Columbia and surrounding areas. Without the light of thousands of people remain.

According to local media, from Saturday morning city services received about a hundred requests for cleaning fallen trees. In some places the wind speed reached 28 meters per second. Authorities bordering Washington County Prince George's (Md.) confirmed that there were such a thing as a micro-explosion — a powerful downdraft that when the surface of the Earth is distributed in different directions, causing a sharp change in wind speed. During the four-hour fire protection district received 235 calls at the rate of 365 calls per day.

Because of wind gusts and falling trees, some had to leave their homes and move to safer places, according to ITAR-TASS. With dozens of houses blown away, some buildings have a more serious injury. In one of the hospitals there was a temporary power outage.

According to the information at 11 am (19:00 GMT), the District of Columbia left without electricity 9.2 thousand people in Prince George's County — 10.6 thousand. As of 18:00 (02:00 Sunday GMT) in these areas continue to be without electricity 10.5 thousand people, including 3700 — in the U.S. capital. Authorities promise to fully restore The power supply only by Monday.


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