Threatened by flooding of the Maritime Territory of the cyclone rains

Powerful cyclone held in Primorye November 11 — 12, has caused a rapid rise in water levels in most rivers edge that threatens their way out of its banks and flooding of roads, reports Primgidromet.

Heavy rains caused by the cyclone in North Korea began in Primorye on Monday night. Wind up to 30 meters per second. During the day, some places had the monthly rainfall.

"Past rains caused the rise of the water level in most rivers region of 16 to 93 centimeters a day. Excess water level is observed in the upper reaches of the Ussuri and Arsenyevka. Came out of the lower bank of the Ussuri River in Chuguyivske and Mikhailovsky district. Saved flooding floodplain Arsenyevka and silt in their downstream "- said in a statement.

It is noted that the greatest rise of water — about 120 centimeters per day — is observed on the Ussuri River Razdolnaya and Nadezhda areas, as well as on the Tumen River in the Khasan district.

"In the coming days is expected to yield water to understand the Ussuri River on the upper section of villages Breevka — Koksharovka Pavlovka and rivers near the village of cleaning. Therefore, is a threat of flooding of local roads. Over the next three days, water level rise will continue for most of the rivers edge" — says Primgidromet.

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