Three days registered 240 tornadoes


For the last three days in the south-eastern U.S. states have been more than 240 tornadoes. Powerful natural disasters covered 13 states. For catastrophes traced crew

Tornado victims were at least 45 people. With homes posryvalo roof, trees uprooted, cars overturned.

According to RIA Novosti, stormy cyclone that struck on Thursday at the U.S. South, caused severe damage in the states of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alabama, North Carolina, reported torn roofs off houses, uprooted trees, damaged cars and trailers. The cyclone has left thousands of homes without electricity in the southern U.S..

On Friday, it was reported only one tornado in Alabama and Oklahoma, however, according to the National Weather Service, then the cyclone began to form one by one. Sunday storm front was moving in an easterly direction to the capital District of Columbia, in the urban areas where weather forecasters announced a warning of the possibility of tornadoes. Tornado warning is also acting in the neighboring state of Virginia.

Among the victims of the element has children.


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