Thrill did a fantastic photo of a volcano in Chile

The massive volcanic eruption in Chile causes thousands of people to flee their homes. They fear poison poisonous emissions. Several airports in the country are closed, canceled flights from Argentina to demolish dangerous cloud.

Volcano Puyeue showed the world a truly apocalyptic picture. To the horizon, the sky covered with clouds of ash. In the atmosphere, the lightning flashing and thunder booming echoes them to the Andes.

The sun through the thick veil of dust is not penetrated. People in the shadows trying to clear their homes. Desperate as the adventurers who were able to come to the volcano, made some fantastic shots on the beauty of raging elements.

Scientists say that the mouth is a giant crack in the earth's surface to several kilometers in length. But the local people enjoy the beauty of the once. On the streets of Chilean cities cork is almost never seen asphalt and road works snow removal equipment. She rakes the ashes, like sand.

Puyeue volcano located on the Chilean side of the Andes, 800 kilometers from the capital Santiago. Volcano woke up over the weekend. Eruption was preceded by a series of earthquakes. In some areas, up to 230 aftershocks recorded in an hour!

At the same time over the volcano appeared a huge column of smoke and ashes buried all around. Authorities immediately began evacuating four thousand people, giving a red eruption, the highest level of danger.

"We carry out a large-scale evacuation of the population. On the eve of the specialists again recorded emission of lava and red-hot stones from the crater of the volcano. People can not stay here, "- says Rodrigo Inspeter, Minister of Internal Affairs of Chile.

Concerns about the eruption and declared in the resort of San Carlos de Bariloche in Argentina. It is already about 100 kilometers from the volcano, but the wind was here has many kilometers of dust. Canceled classes in schools and all public events. But most importantly — because of the volcanic dust, which is very dangerous for aircraft engines, closes airspace.

"Something like this was in the 60's, when I was born. Now I am 51 years old. For the first time my eyes see it ", — says Guillermo Martinez, mayor of Villa La Angostura.

Not sent flying at least seven airports in Argentina. Cloud, reportedly may soon reach Buenos Aires and its suburbs.

When the eruption is over, scientists can not say even approximately. But you know that tons of dust into the water, turning into a substance very similar to clay. It probably will clog rivers. Then the region is flooded floods.

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Satellite images of volcanic ash plume Puyeue




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