Tight ball natural contradictions in the southern U.S.


In these days of April the center of the element is the southern USA. It came together in an uncompromising struggle warm and cool the air force, which is accompanied by a set of negative (and even contradictory) weather. What's good to Texas, the Missouri — disastrous. Intense rains overflowed Black River in Missouri. Breakthrough of the dam on Monday led to emergency evacuation of about 7 thousand people from the town of Polar Bluff. As reported by the American media, the water was coming so fast that some people have had to be evacuated by boat. Dual system of contrasting atmospheric fronts determines extremely unstable weather. Meteorologists predict heavy rainfall and strong winds. In addition, the announcement of a real threat of tornadoes. Storm warning now operates in large parts of the U.S. — from the north-eastern areas of Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas to Illinois and Wisconsin. However, not all heavy rains bring misery. For example, in the long-awaited rains help fight wildfires strongest. Once the rain started, many of the evacuees were able to return to their homes.

Source: news.gismeteo.ru.

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