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Timofei Bazhenov — Reporter and traveler, who at this time was in the exclusion zone Chernobyl. With that, he was selected to the walls of the sarcophagus!
If you are wondering what is going on in the radiation zone, which mutants inhabit contaminated soil, the look is actually Stalkers, what the taste, smell and color of the radiation, and so much more — join us!

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Posted 23.11.12

Today I received a letter from a man of science, physics Gennady Tilinin. Here is the correction in the "knowledge" of Timothy Bazhenov in mathematics and physics:

If the half-life of plutonium is 120 years,
then its decomposition approximately 1000 times must not 240,000 years, as he stated in his transfer,
and only 1200! The fact that the 1/2 power of ten (ten times by 120 years) is 1/1024?


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