To Japan again hit a powerful earthquake

In Japan, there was a new powerful earthquake of magnitude 6, according to the National Geological Survey of the United States.
The epicenter was located at a distance of 82 km to the south-east of the city of Mito, located on the island of Honshu, which is more affected by the massive earthquake in March.
The earthquake was located at a depth of 26.2 km. Information on casualties or damage were reported. The threat of a tsunami as yet to be announced.
Meanwhile today learned of the resignation of a nuclear power plant emergency operator, "Fukushima-1" of Tokyo Electric Power Co. (Thurso) Masataka Shimizu. M.Simidzu took responsibility for the accident and decided to leave his post.
Official statement is expected later today, as well as the financial results of the quarter. According to Japanese media, the losses of the company equal to 12 billion dollars
Recall the devastating earthquake on March 11 magnitude 9 and subsequent tsunami devastated the infrastructure of the north-eastern Japan and knocked out the cooling system of reactors at the plant "Fukushima-1", which led to the fire, a number of explosions and radiation leak at the plant.
In areas adjacent to the plant evacuated thousands of residents. According to official reports, the victims were 15 thousand elements of 57 people, the fate of 9 thousand 121 people remains unknown.


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