To Kirovograd attacked hordes of caterpillars


25.08.11.Zelenye stands and plots were brutally attacked by caterpillars, reported online edition of «FotoInform».

For a whole week in Kirovograd with trees began to happen something extraordinary. Trees, mostly maples, are in a cocoon of cobwebs. If you stand for a while under such an infected tree, units 10-20 caterpillars drop you right on the head.

Residents of the city have started to complain that a caterpillar crawling on the walls of high-rise buildings, crawling right into the apartment. Kirovogradtsev not save even the upper floors, the caterpillar crawls up to the ninth floor. Of course, from the scourge of suffering more ground floors. On country sites caterpillar eats everything that comes to her on the way.
Such invasion of caterpillars do not remember the old-timers of Kirovograd, per night when the tree turns into a cocoon. Care services need of something to solve and take decisive action, and then from our trees remain "horns and legs."
Igor Filipenko, the author's photo.

Source: «FotoInform»

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