To Moscow is a cyclone mischief in Europe

Central and north-western Russia expects climate shock. Flurry of wet sticky snow, breaks power lines, broken trees cars — this is a list of misfortunes that will bring a cyclone has done a lot of troubles in Europe. Gale completely powered Baltiysk Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg made a real storm, and now coming to Moscow. MOE has warned that residents of many Russian regions remain without electricity, and roads are not safe for drivers.

Earlier this week, the capital will be under the influence of an active cyclone, which caused a chain of natural disasters in the European countries, RIA "Novosti" with reference to a specialist center weather "Phobos." According to him, on Monday, the thermometer will rise to 3 … +5 ° C. At the same time, efforts wind gusts in some places it will be up to 17 m / sec. Pressure drop to 725 mm Hg, or 20 units below normal.

St. Petersburg today, forecasters predicted the same weather: +5 ° C and wind gusts up to 12 — 15 m / sec. But in St. Petersburg began a perfect storm: the squally wind gusts that reach 23 m / s, threw at least four trees. One of them crushed the car, another dam the roadway, and another cut short harness. Torn billboards and roofing iron from roofs.

Because of the sharp rise of water in the Neva River in the city last night was closed port. As the regional EMERCOM, wave height on Lake Ladoga by strong winds may reach three meters.

However, further rescuers are waiting for more serious consequences. Because of heavy rain and wind power outages, communications and utilities, as well as traffic-violation may occur in 19 regions of Russia.

The first victim of the devastating cyclone was Baltiisk in the Kaliningrad Region with a population of 34,000 people. The city remained without electricity and without water and heat due to an accident on the power with which the hurricane wind blown off the roof. As a result, the wires were damaged and equipment. In the whole region, a power outage occurred in 39 settlements. In most cases, power lines fell trees.

According to rescuers, the situation is complicated is that the wet snow will stick to the wires and trees. In Moscow, it is expected as early as Tuesday. Temperature starts to drop, but still remain at urovne0 … +2 ° C. It was only on Wednesday it is close to the mean: the night the thermometer zamrut at around -3 … -5 ° C, and a day will rise to 0 ° C.

Since the beginning of calendar winter Moscow gets into power another cyclone, which will bring a moderate heat, the temperature is higher than normal for three — five degrees. So, on Thursday night, will become cold to -2 … -4 ° C at night, the air warms from 0 ° C to +2 ° C. On Friday, the capital will be between atmospheric fronts will be cloudy. But, mostly, the weather will remain the same: 0 … -2 ° C at night and +2 ° C during the day.

On Saturday and Sunday, established the same unstable and cloudy weather, which over the weekend, but the rain this time will be less. The temperature again exceeds the climatic norm — the thermometer will show one … +3 ° C. And the pressure to normal.


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