To the solar system added another planet

In our solar system, there may be a planet, and it is about four times the size of Jupiter — the most massive of the presently known planets revolving around the sun. Its orbit lies thousands of times further from the Sun than the Earth — so heavenly body has not yet been found.

The planet is named Tyuhe — so called Greek goddess of fortune, which in Roman mythology meets Fortuna. Gas giant (for such planets are also Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) is located in the Oort cloud — a spherical solar system, which is about one light year from the Sun.

Data proving the existence Tyuhe will be published before the end of 2011, writes NEWSru referring to the newspaper The Daily Mail. According to some observers, the space telescope Wise, sent by NASA, have collected them, now they only have to double-check.

"If the evidence is obtained, we Professor Mates stand up and walk the wheel, but it's not easy at our age," — said Professor Daniel Whitmire of the University of Louisiana.

According to Professor Whitmire, the planet is composed mainly of hydrogen and helium, the composition of the atmosphere like Jupiter and, like Jupiter, surrounded by a ring and is covered by clouds, which form a swirl stains. "We should expect the presence of satellites. All the planets farther from the Sun than the Earth, they are "- said astronomer.

Due to the large size of the planet's surface temperature is relatively high: -73 degrees Celsius, which is much higher than that of Pluto, as for the cooling of the celestial body after the formation takes a long time.

Professor Whitmire and Mates presence Tyuhe calculated from the deviation of comets coming: of those comets that have tracked since 1898, took fifth higher than expected.

On the other hand, the planet, if it exists, has yet to attract the next comet, but such was not observed. In the case of the planet's status and name to approve the International Astronomical Union. It is possible that it will assign a different name.




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