Tokyo residents to leave the capital because of the threat of radiation


17.03.11.Sotni thousand people move to Japan because of the threat of radioactive contamination. Only from the area immediately around the nuclear power plant emergency, "Fukushima-1" evacuated about 200,000 people. Before arriving to place in one of the reception centers for refugees in the city of Yamagata, check their dosimeters.

"I am shocked, — said one of the refugees. — We were not told the whole truth about what is happening. I am very angry with the leadership of NPP. This is not a joke! "

Unusually few people on the streets of Tokyo. Almost all foreigners left the Japanese capital. And many Japanese people — those who could afford it — went to the south, to safer areas. The radiation level in Tokyo is not increased, but with a change in wind direction could change.

The representative of the Japanese government says that most people in the capital are not afraid of radiation:

"If you ask people on the street, they will tell you that they care about now is not the situation in the Tokyo."

Meanwhile, the real exodus began from the Japanese capital. At the airport, Haneda not get tickets, the flights are full, especially flights to Osaka, the second largest city in the country. This woman has just arrived here from Tokyo:

"I think, to avoid general panic, the government does not tell us the whole truth, information is filtered."

At railway stations — crowds. For passengers allocated additional high-speed trains. But ticket prices are so high that not everyone can afford them.


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