Tomorrow morning — the end of the world?

Apocalypse Code in our

At least it is sure of the California preacher Harold Camping, hung with the entire capital billboards "The Lord is coming on May 21."

President and general manager of both the religious media companies FRN («Family Radio") has calculated the time between the Crucifixion and the Second Coming of the Savior. Received exactly 722,500 days, the last of which just comes tomorrow. Personally, I am much closer to another "prophecy", according to which the world of the resurrection of Christ to the end of the world will stand for exactly 2000 years and ended his days in 2033, the 25th in a row to the Pope.

But seriously … It makes no sense to list all the false prophecy of the exact date of doomsday. Only in the last century, there were a few dozen.

By the way, there has been on this field, and Harold Camping — September 6, 1994 in his native California. He is now currently podstelil straw on a miss: "If, after 2011, the world will still be there, we will realize that we have much to understand the Bible." To work, comrades …

As reported by, residents of the U.S. to ignore the statement 89-year-Motor Home is difficult: they constantly heard on the radio and hung on two thousand billboards. Furthermore: a network of religious radio Family Radio Network is just financed "campaign" Judgment Day.

Their "computing" Camping founded on supposedly decoded them Biblical cryptography. Also, "stealing, lying, sexual depravity and perversion in society tell us something. And gay parades, too. God sent this as a sign of the end ", — said forecaster.

However, as critics skeptical notice, camping already could be wrong in the prophecies. So, September 6, 1994, his followers were looking forward to the appearance of Christ in Alameda. In his defense Camping says that at that time it is too thoroughly studied the Bible. But this time, God gave him the undisputed evidence.


Comment for "VM"

Priest Sergei Matyushin, Candidate of Theology, cleric of Resurrection Vagankovskoye Cemetery:

— Christ Himself warned His disciples of credulity to the people who call the exact date of the Second Coming. As for the specific signs of the Last Day, they are clearly listed in Revelation: the arrival in the world of the Antichrist in human form, his reign civilization in 3.5 years, and voluntary adoption by some earthlings with his seal, and in a literal, not allegorical sense. None of these conditions were, as you can see, is not satisfied.

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