Tornado carries fungal spores killer

Tornado carries fungal spores killerThe recent invasion of the tornadoes in the United States left behind unintended consequences. At least three people have died due to infection with spores. A few more are on the treatment after the storm in Missouri, which occurred last month.

Infection with fungal infections, fortunately, is rare. But if you let the fungus to spread within the body (which helps a lot of immunosuppression), the consequences could be fatal. Recent studies have shown that the risk of fungal infection depends on the size of the spores. The larger the size, the greater the likelihood of serious consequences.

Pathogenic species of fungi Mucor circinelloides can produce spores size of about 20 microns, which is about five times the size of the dispute "normal" mushrooms. What is their risk?

With the big controversy is difficult to manage our immune system. One of its main "soldiers" are macrophages, amoeboid cells that ingest the invading aliens and digest them inside. But fungal spores are too large to be able to swallow the macrophage. Moreover, the preponderance of forces often leads to disputes that kill macrophages, which further facilitates the penetration of infection.

Strong storm winds can carry large and heavy debate at unusually large distances, increasing the likelihood of human infection.

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