Tornadoes and hail battered Bangladesh

In southern Asia, the winter is over. Change the landscape and the sky. A wave of hot air has replaced the cold masses. But the heat has brought with him the storm.

The worst weather in Bangladesh. In the spring, when warm, moist air masses from the Bay of Bengal meet with cold and dry masses of the Himalayas, there are even a tornado.

One tornado passed last night over the regions Sadar, and Baliadangi Haypur. He was accompanied by rain, storm and hail. Some hail diameter is 15 inches. Were destroyed five thousand hectares of wheat.

In 70 homes hail struck the roof and knocked out the window. People were trying to hide from the elements in a safe place, but despite this, more than a hundred people were wounded huge hailstones.

One can only imagine how painful a blow hail falling on a man's head at a speed of 120 km / h

Storms, heavy rains and strong winds were also held over the Indian state of Rajasthan. Hail destroyed crops in the fields. Farmers are forced to plant again, but the crop is small.

In India and Bangladesh storm season is just beginning. So far, these events will occur periodically. It was only with the beginning of the rainy season, that is in May, storms and downpours are more intense.


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